Deep-fried Fermented Beancurd Pork – Recipe

The first time I tried Deep-fried Fermented Beancurd Pork was at Famous Treasure Restaurant at the Capitol Piazza and I love it at first bite. I recently cooked them and have a post on my instagram and some friends and followers have asked for the recipe. Here it is. Marinate for 400g Pork1 tbsp Sugar1/2 […]

2021 Best Mooncake In Singapore

Looking for 2021 best mooncake in Singapore? We have them covered here. Some of the unique, interesting, prettiest and even exotic flavours will be featured in this post. Prettiest Mooncake Have you seen Sakura-shaped mooncake? In sweet peachy pink lined with gold edged, they are too pretty to eat. And if you are Durian fan, […]

Delicious Coffee Ribs, Can’t Stop At One – Recipe

Coffee Ribs is sometimes found on Zichar places. Not extremely common though it is so delicious and addictive. I can’t stop at just one piece. I tried cooking this dish for a friend. This dish is strong in flavour, if you have a light palate, this might not be suitable for you. I documented my […]

Supply & Demand Novena Weekend Brunch – Novena

Supply & Demand Novena Weekend Brunch has several interesting brunch items. These items are exclusive at the Novena outlet and not available at the Supply & Demand Orchard Gateway. I love this cafe; the high ceiling, the green, the quietness. Most would surely exclaim “instagrammable” the moment they stepped foot into the space. First item […]

Craft Tea Fox: Matcha and Houjicha

Craft Tea Fox specialises in Matcha and Houjicha products. How they started was purely due to their need for a non-alcoholic drink and they can’t find good selection at 7-Eleven. Hence, they decided to offer delicious yet healthy Matcha easy and accessible to a wider audience, in a way that is honest and environmentally sustainable. […]

Café Aux Bacchanales At Plaza Singapura – Orchard

Café Aux Bacchanales at Plaza Singapura, at the new wing, taking over Eggs ‘n Things will allow you to experience a bite of France since now we can’t travel as they offer Parisienne dining experience. Or maybe … Japan instead, since they hail from Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan. Singapore is their first oversea venture. The restaurant […]

Sichuan Alley: Noodle House By Chef Pang – Telok Ayer

Sichuan Alley now has a new partner. The ex-Antoinette Chef and Chef-Boss of Pang’s Hakka Delicacies fires up a series of new Sichuan noodles creations. You can find his fine French patisserie technique in the curated desserts. Before digging into the main highlights which are the Sichuan Noodles, first enjoy some sides. If you are […]

8Crabs Islandwide Delivery

It has been more than a year since I last travelled. Life without travelling, where can we spend our money? The answer is FOOD. And with on-off lockdown, it is important to know some of thr best delivery, especially when there is so many celebrations. Here is one, 8Crabs. I saw them all over Instagram […]

CakeDelivery.SG Online Same Day Delivery – Singapore

Have you ever needed a cake like really last minute. Like in an hour time, because you forgot someone’s birthday until a friend reminded you. Or maybe your boss needed a cake to send to an associate. There might be many more reasons to that last minute cake and CakeDelivery.SG comes to the rescue. I […]

Dinner Roll Recipe

Ingredients:250g bread flour 22g sugar 3g salt3g yeast120g milk64g water10g unsalted butter Preheat the oven at 190 degree. Combine all the dry ingredients and mix together Add on the yeast, milk and water Mix them into a dough and knead the dough for about 10mins Add the butter and continue to knead for 5mins Make […]