Hibachi Japanese Casual Dining @ Cuppage Plaza

At a corner of level 3 of Cuppage Plaza nestled Hibachi Japanese Casual Dining. The entrance is hidden from sight. Once you enter the restaurant, you find a cosy izakaya style restaurant with a bar counter as the main feature of the restaurant.

Glancing at the menu, you find a small selection of hybrid between Kappo and Izakaya styled food.

I was absolutely impressed by the first dish, Saba Shoyu Ni ($8). The combination of the sauce of shoyu based enhanced the fried fish.

Whenever at Japanese restaurant, I have to order sashimi. The 5 kinds Sashimi Moriwase ($52) is the perfect platter for sharing.


Truffle Kale ($16) is amazing. I didn’t think that truffle and kale would work. Until I tried it. The fried garlic slices certainly helps to elevate the flavour as well.

Lamb Chop ($42) is an item which many will shun away due to the gamey taste. I feel this has almost none. But I am afraid those highly sensitive or dislike the gamey flavour might savour it. As for me, I always love lamb and I approve of this dish.

The highlight for the Mains which is also known as must order goes to Japanese Wagyu. At a hefty price tag of $72, may leave your wallet a hole but it is worthwhile to indulge especially when there is an occasion worth celebrating.

It is always a good idea to round up the meal with a dessert, Hibachi Artisan Gelato ($8).

In case you are wondering what Hibachi means; it means a traditional Japanese grill. That’s the grill where the beef sat on.

NAHMJ Verdict

I highly recommend Hibachi Japanese Casual Dining. Delicious and nice ambience.

Hibachi Japanese Casual Dining

5 Koek Road, Cuppage Plaza, #03-01, Singapore 228796
Tel: +65 9151 9775

Website: https://www.hibachi.sg/

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 1730 to 2200 | Closed on Sundays