Binary Restaurant at Palais Renaissance

Binary Restaurant located on the ground floor of the high-end Palais Renaissance has an extremely interesting concept. As you enter the entrance of the mall, turn left and walk towards the end and you will find Binary Restaurant.

True to its name, its menu is in Binary form as well. Every item, except the section on Bread & Chips has an option of Asian and Western selection.

One of the highly raved items and me too highly recommend it is the Homemade Kubaneh Bread ($14) served with Garlic Butter & Kombu Butter. The price seems too steep for a loaf of bread. I suppose with the 2 unique butter made in-house is worth the value. The bread is buttery and fluffy. I am willing to spurge on this expensive bread once in a while. If possible, I would opt for only the Garlic Butter. I didn’t enjoy the Kombu Butter.

At this lunch, we ordered three small plate items. First is the Octopus with “Lao Gan Ma” ($19). It was tasty due to the chilli. Alternatively, you can opt for the Pesto Alla Genovese for the Western selection.

Our second small plate is the Tiger Prawns ($18). We opted for the Spanish Tapas Version, Gambas Al Ajillo. Due to the amount of garlic, it was flavourful.

The third small plate of the Nasi Lemak Chicken Wings ($18). Simple marinate of turmeric and soy sauce I suppose, simply like the typical Chicken Wings served on the Nasi Lemak. Alternatively, diners can opt for Buffalo Wings.

The last item was Burrata. It was a seasonal special. Burrata was creamy with vinaigrette and vegetable, it was refreshing. Not forgetting the truffle, it zest up the flavour.

NAHMJ Verdict

Overall there isn’t any wow factor though every dish was on point and tasty. Pricing is slightly on the high side though.

Binary Restaurant

390 Orchard Road #01-01a Palais Renaissance, Singapore 238871
Tel: +65 9363 0101


Opening Hours: Monday 11:30am-10:30pm (Last Order: 9:30pm)