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Michelle Nah founded NAHMJ in 2014. Here at NAHMJ, we covered an array of topics stemming from our interests; from food to travel and from beauty to Arts and even Tech. We have an average of 50k unique viewship.


Currently, NAHMJ has a team of writers who are mainly passionate foodies. If you would like to know NAHMJ Writers better, this is the page. For advertisement, collaboration, sponsorship, events, various invites and etc, write to us at [email protected]



Founder of NAHMJ


Michelle Nah

Website: NAHMJ
Instagram: @nahmj

Email: [email protected]


“My friends called me a human GPS. Lol!”


NAHMJ Writers - Michelle Nah (Founder / Editor)


Michelle has a tastebud for quality food. She is an avid traveller. Besides reviewing on food, that is her first love; she writes on Beauty, Tech, Travel and Arts too.

You will be surprised to know how multi-talented she is. A Biochemist and an Accountant by training but IT by professional and she holds a teacher grade in music too.



Food Writer


Introducing writers at NAHMJ Food, Travel and Lifestyle Blog.


Oliver Li

 Instagram: @oliverlisg

NAHMJ Writers - Oliver Li (Food Writer)


Oliver is a treasury professional who loves healthy and delicious food with a focus on whole, natural ingredients with great health benefit. He is passionate about sharing his food experiences with friends.



Denise Chua 

Instagram: @miss_teatime_sg

“Planning is important. So, plan for lunch during breakfast and dinner during lunch!”


 NAHMJ Writers - Denise Chua (Food Writer)


Denise is an engineer by training, foodie at heart. She has left the corporate world to pursue what she loves, which is to eat and write. Besides writing for NAHMJ, she also writes at her own blog My Food Story.
Read more of her post here

NAHMJ Writers

We are always on the lookout for writers, if you are keen to write at NAHMJ, email us at [email protected].