Qi Lai Feng, QQMuscleFish Hotpot, At Chinatown Point – Chinatown, Singapore

Qi Lai Feng, a Chinese restaurant found home at Chinatown Point. With well connected public transport; it is a highly accessible for diners to travel there to enjoy a meal of Chinese food. This restaurant specialised in dry pot with grass crap feed on a specific diet and plan to give the chewy texture with […]

Where To Shop And Dine On 2019 National Day Long Weekend

Hooray to 2019 National Day long weekend. From 9 August 2019 (Friday) to 12 August 2019 (Monday), Hari Raya Haji, a total of 4 days to enjoy. It’s time to plan where to shop and dine on this long weekend. As Singapore celebrates her 54th birthday and bicentennial, numerous shopping malls and F&B are offering […]

Soft-shell Crab With Chilli Sauce @ Treasure Kiosk – Chinatown, Singapore

Treasure Kiosk recently opened its own permanent store in Chinatown Point. They had previously experienced great success with their pop-up outlets during various food fairs like Food Fiesta and River Hongbao and were encouraged but also humbled. As such, they have opted not to be overly ambitious and the new store is, as its name […]

Momma Kong's At Mosque Street, Reunion Of Crab - Set For Four

Momma Kong’s At Mosque Street, Reunion Of Crab – Chinatown, Singapore

Momma Kong’s has been around for quite awhile and has made a name for themselves for serving one of the best Crab in Singapore. I jumped upon the chance when my friend asked me to suggest a place for a gathering since it has been on my bucket list though we gathered for crab at […]

Interior, another view

JÙN @ Capri By Fraser – China Square, Singapore

JÙN @ Capri By Fraser, China Square is a new concept by Creative Eateries. It is a casual Chinese Restaurant with 80-seat dinning capacity. Some of the household brands under the umbrella are Bangkok Jam, Typhoon Taiwanese Cafe, Patara Fine Thai, Rocku Yakiniku Charcoal Grill, Vineyard and many more. The name JÙN is from the […]

Kafe Utu, First Afro Cafe & Lounge In Singapore – Chinatown, Singapore

Jiak Chun Road, an off-shoot from Keong Saik Road may be dimissed by many, however, there are lots of outstanding restaurants located along this stretch, such as Lime House, Bao Makers (previously at Jalan Besar), Esquina and now Kafe Utu has joined them. It is probably Singapore first African Cafe and Lounge offers highlight dishes […]

Mister Wu, Delicious and Value-for-money Lunch Set - Set Lunch

Mister Wu, Delicious and Value-for-money Lunch Set – Chinatown, Singapore

Mister Wu took over the space left by Jimoto-Ya who left China Squre for Joo Chiat. The decoration of the interior remains the same.    Menu at Mister Wu differ from day and night. Lunch set is extremely value-for-money. There are either $11 or $15 lunch set whereby diners get to choose a Noodle or a […]

Li Xiang Lan Hotpot 李香蓝重庆火锅 At Smith Street - Spread

Li Xiang Lan Hotpot 李香蓝重庆火锅 At Smith Street – Chinatown, Singapore

Mala Hotpot Restaurant sprouted up one after another. And we love the Mala Hotpot. My virgin attempt was at Chongqing a decade ago and I love it since then. We have tried a handful of hotpot before trying Li Xiang Lan Hotpot 李香蓝重庆火锅 on the last day of September 2018.   This Hotpot trend in […]

Grids & Circles, Cafe With Workshop In A Conservatory Shophouse Along South Bridge Road – Chinatown, Singapore

Chinatown welcomes a new cafe, Grids & Circles suited along South Bridge Road. Ambitiously, the cafe occupied the entire 3-storey conservatory shophouse, unit 200. It isn’t difficult to locate the cafe if you know where the famous Hindu Temple is.    The cafe is operated based on the concept Lagom which means just the right amount. Hence […]

The Social Space, Social-Conscious Cafe With Retail And Nail Parlour At Kreta Ayer – Singapore

The Social Space has transformed the space previously occupied by Les Delices to a multi-concept business. More importantly, it offers socially conscious businesses of retail, cafe and nail parlour. In short, it is a social enterprise.   Located at the ground floor of block 333 of Kreta Ayer, it is hidden from the Chinatown tourist attraction. The tranquil […]