Live Eel Dishes From PUTIEN – Farrer Park, Singapore

Following their successful DUOTOU Clam seasonal promotions (the latest of which concluded earlier this year), PUTIEN now debuts another seasonal produce for new additions to their menu – live eels. Eels are known to be primarily consumed by the Japanese, especially freshwater eels which are called unagi, where they are commonly grilled and served with […]

Soft-shell Crab With Chilli Sauce @ Treasure Kiosk – Chinatown, Singapore

Treasure Kiosk recently opened its own permanent store in Chinatown Point. They had previously experienced great success with their pop-up outlets during various food fairs like Food Fiesta and River Hongbao and were encouraged but also humbled. As such, they have opted not to be overly ambitious and the new store is, as its name […]

Book Review on Death of a Perm Sec - Book Cover of Death of a Perm Sec

Book Review – Death of a Perm Sec

While Death of a Perm Sec did not win the Epigram Books Fiction Prize in 2015, the fact that it was shortlisted for the prize is perhaps significant enough; up until then, no publisher had been willing to put the story into print, which is not altogether surprising given the political nature of the plot. […]