Zichar Stall

Lai Bao, An Affordable 1960s-inspired Zichar – Toa Payoh, Singapore

Lai Bao serves 1960s inspried zichar dishes is one recommendation for those staying especially in the north or around the hood. I am sure you will be extremely excited to know that it is not only delish but prices are extremely affordable. Located at Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, withing the ground of Kim Eng Seng […]

Momma Kong's At Mosque Street, Reunion Of Crab - Set For Four

Momma Kong’s At Mosque Street, Reunion Of Crab – Chinatown, Singapore

Momma Kong’s has been around for quite awhile and has made a name for themselves for serving one of the best Crab in Singapore. I jumped upon the chance when my friend asked me to suggest a place for a gathering since it has been on my bucket list though we gathered for crab at […]

Famous Treasure Restaurant At Capitol Piazza – City Hall, Singapore

I noticed that the Famous Treasure Restaurant at Capitol Piazza has replaced the Four Season Duck when I walked around the mall late last year. Tried neither. I made a mental note and hoping I could find a time to try out as it looks good. Months later, I have forgotten about them. But I […]

Diamond Kitchen @ Science Park, Worthy For Mother's & Father's Day Celebration - Interior

Diamond Kitchen @ Science Park, Worthy For Mother’s & Father’s Day Celebration – Kent Ridge, Singapore

After trying out the food at Diamond Kitchen @ Science Park, I lamented over how could I not have tried their food earlier? Savouring delicious cze char in a restaurant ambience at affordable price. This formula equate to perfect restaurant. I heard about them for a long time and all the raving reviews, however, I […]

Golden Spoon Seafood Restaurant With Best Crab Mee Hoon – Tiong Bahru, Singapore

Many might know about or have even patronised the hipster cafes in Tiong Bahru such as Merci Marcel, Tiong Bahru Bakery, Whisk, Chapter 55, Tiann’s, just to name a few. Few might know about the unassuming Golden Spoon Seafood Restaurant that has been around in this rich of historical estate for decades. Despite its location, […]

Quan Ji Zhu Chao Bustling In The Quiet Business District At Dark – Tanking Pagar, Singapore

After dusk, shutters of the hawker stalls at Amoy Street Food Center are shut one after another except the Quan Ji Zhu Chao who begins to cook a storm for diners till dark. This name has been around for some time and if you frequent this hawker centre, you might have either notice it or […]

Fuman Seafood Tzechar At Tampines West, Crab And Mee Hoon And More - Mee Hoon and Crab Feast

Fuman Seafood Tzechar @ Tampines West, Crab And Bee Hoon And More – Tampines, Singapore

One of our favourite, comfort food has to be Tzechar. This is part and parcel of our culture, lifestyle. I am sure no Singaporean would refuse Tzechar. I was recently introduced to Fuman Seafood Tzechar @ Tampines West.   They have 5 outlets, previously we went to the Bukit Bakot branch for their fame collagen […]

Ka-Soh Restaurant At Alumni Medical Centre, A Michelin Bib Gourmand Restaurant – Outram, Singapore

It has been a long while since I last dine at Ka-Soh. I can’t even remember when it was. And recently, we visited Ka-Soh Restaurant At Alumni Medical Centre. They have one other outlet at Amoy Street. And 3 overseas, two in Malaysia and the other in Indonesia.    Don’t expect posh looking interior like […]

Mellben Signature Opened Through Chinese New Year 2017 – Tanjong Pagar

When it comes to Chinese New Year, especially the first few days, lots of restaurants and cafes in Singapore closed for this festive period. But fret not, we have Mellben Signature Opened Through Chinese New Year 2017.   Locating at Tanjong Pagar Block 7, somewhat hidden from the road, one could have a cosy gathering with […]

Dai Pai Dong Restaurant 大排档 - Our Dinner

Dai Pai Dong Restaurant 大排档 On StarTaster – Geylang, Singapore

Good news!! Dai Pai Dong Restaurant 大排档 is local delights, very much of a Sze Char that is on StarTaster food delivery platform. That means we could enjoy Sze Char almost anywhere we preferred. Especially when we are at home for dinner with family and are lazy to cook a feast.   When I browsed through the order website of […]