Qi Lai Feng, QQMuscleFish Hotpot, At Chinatown Point – Chinatown, Singapore

Qi Lai Feng, a Chinese restaurant found home at Chinatown Point. With well connected public transport; it is a highly accessible for diners to travel there to enjoy a meal of Chinese food. This restaurant specialised in dry pot with grass crap feed on a specific diet and plan to give the chewy texture with […]

Soft-shell Crab With Chilli Sauce @ Treasure Kiosk – Chinatown, Singapore

Treasure Kiosk recently opened its own permanent store in Chinatown Point. They had previously experienced great success with their pop-up outlets during various food fairs like Food Fiesta and River Hongbao and were encouraged but also humbled. As such, they have opted not to be overly ambitious and the new store is, as its name […]

Bowl Thai, Brand New Concept Now At Chinatown Point – Chinatown, Singapore

Bowl Thai replaced the previous restaurant, Lerk Thai offering a brand new concept. Though one may feel that aren’t both offering Thai food? Yes, that’s true however there are differences in the two.   At Bowl Thai, per the name suggested, it is here to offer a bowl of rice or noodle and of course some […]

Pure Pandan - Pandan Chiffon Cake (Slice)

Pure Pandan, Deliciously Chiffon Cake At Chinatown

My family, especially my brother has always love Pandan Cake. There is one shop that I usually go to for these lovely Pandan Chiffon, Pure Pandan. Pure Pandan is a bakery that specialises in Chiffon Cake and particularly the Pandan Chiffon. It is a small shop located at basement 2 of Chinatown Point, opposite Le […]

Dough and Grains Bakery, Chinese Herbs and Bread – Chinatown, Singapore (Closed)

Dough and Grains has very intelligently added Chinese Herbs into bread. It is not only both creative and innovative but also very healthy as these Chinese Herbs will nourish the body. Beside using Chinese Herbs, Dough and Grains has wisely combined normal ingredients such as using walnut, green tea, lychee, apricot and etc for the […]