Diamond Kitchen @ Science Park, Worthy For Mother's & Father's Day Celebration - Interior

Diamond Kitchen @ Science Park, Worthy For Mother’s & Father’s Day Celebration – Kent Ridge, Singapore

After trying out the food at Diamond Kitchen @ Science Park, I lamented over how could I not have tried their food earlier? Savouring delicious cze char in a restaurant ambience at affordable price. This formula equate to perfect restaurant.

I heard about them for a long time and all the raving reviews, however, I was skeptical hence dragged my feet since they are at such inconvenient location.

Interior is not polished with extravagant furnishing but with everything functional. What I appreciate was the high ceiling.

Diamond Kitchen Mother’s Day Dishes

For this Mother’s Day (2019), beside Crystal Jade group which we wrote about earlier, Diamond Kitchen, too, has specially prepared four dishes to celebrate this important occasion.

Once you start the indulgent of Crispy Fried Potato Slices with Salted Egg Yolk ($12), you can’t stop but must polish off the entire serving. In fact, one serving is not enough. You may think that Irvin’s Salted Egg Potato Chip is the best, not until you tried these. The salted egg was intense and purely savoury with missing saccharine taste. Diamond Kitchen make it exactly the way I like.

Velvety yam mash with a thin layer of otah encased in the Delicious Homemade Yam Balls with Otah ($12). Personally, I find the otah unnecessary. It neither complement nor bring out the best in the dish. I am happy to have a pure deep-fried yam mash.

5-Step Diamond Kitchen ‘Duck Rice’ ($24 small / $48 large) is tedious in making; certainly a test to the culinary skill for the chef. Requiring 5 steps, roasting, air-drying and steaming of the the duck, then assemble the duck and rice together to deep-fry and finally pan-fry. Served with a sweet chilli sauce to complete the taste. Personally, I just find that something is just lacking, perhaps in both the duck and the glutinous rice.

Round-up the meal with Heart of Gold Warm Pumpkin Dessert ($3.50). This isn’t my kind of dessert since I don’t enjoy any food that are gluey, in short, with lots of starch to make into such consistency. However, for those who love it, will enjoy the sweetness of the pureed pumpkin, yam and sweet corn with a dash of coconut aroma.

Diamond Kitchen @ Science Park Signature

Other notable dishes at the restaurants are of course its signature dishes. First is the Sauna Prawns ($24/ $36 / $48). Live tiger prawn in a ‘sauna bath’ of chinese wine, wolfberries and chinese angelica) to give a faint sweet, woody herbal fragrance.

Not to be missed is the Diamond Gan Xiang Crab (market price), especially when you are looking for other than Chilli and Black Pepper Crab. A dish using secret ingredients along with hae bee hiam, curry powder, lemongrass, dried chilli and taucheo (fermented soy bean paste) to cook this luscious dish with smoky sweet among savoury.

Delectable Superior Stock Clam Bee Hoon ($12/$$18/$24) with well-balance flavours coming from the clams and wolfberries cum vegetable. A comfort dish of al dente bee hoon. My only complain was that there were too much of julienne ginger. It would not have been an issue if you love the ingredient but it happen that I don’t.

Should you be looking for a meat dish, Champagne Pork Ribs is highly recommended. Succulent de-bone pork ribs in strips with intense sauce, similar to the coffee pork ribs.

NAHMJ Verdict

Though getting to Diamond Kitchen @ Science Park is challenging but worthwhile especially for the signature dishes.

Diamond Kitchen @ Science Park 钻石小厨

87 Science Park Drive, #01-01 Oasis (Previously known as Science Hub) Singapore 118260
Tel: +65 6464 0410

Website: https://www.diamondkitchen.com.sg/

Opening Hours

Daily 1100 to 1430, 1730 to 2230

Getting There

By Bus:

  • Block 85 along Science Park Drive (Stop ID: 18271)   92
  • Science Park along AYE (Stop ID: 18131)   14, 33, 97, 166, 197, 963
  • Opp Normanton Park along AYE (Stop ID: 18049)  14, 33, 74, 166, 196


  • Circle line – Kent Ridge station

Rating: 7.5/10

*Disclaimer: This was a media invite.