Savourworld Opens at Science Park, New F&B Cluster For Foodies In The West, Kent Ridge, Singapore - Savourworld Space

Savourworld Opens at Science Park, New F&B Cluster For Foodies In The West – Kent Ridge, Singapore

Savourworld has opened! And this F&B cluster is opened 7 days a week! So come on down and experience this new foodie destination in the West!



What Is Savourworld?


Savourworld is a joint project by SAVOUR Events (Asia’s Premier Gourmet Festival) and Revolver Asia (F&B and lifestyle industry expert) to bring us the best gourmet dining with lifestyle activities under one roof. To achieve this, Mr Michel Lu of Revolver Asia personally curates one-of-a-kind restaurant brands for Savourworld. If a brand has more than one outlet, it will have to offer unique food items not found at their other outlets. Sounds cool, isn’t it?




In terms of location, Savourworld is also pretty unique. Taking up a vast 60,000 sq ft, it is able to house 30 different F&B brands, each with its own indoor dining area. But in case you have a big group with different food preferences, Savourworld also has a beautiful 250-seat outdoor courtyard for you to enjoy alfresco dining while ordering from any of the F&B brands. Best of all, while most restaurant enclaves are either inaccessible by public transport or plagued by a severe lack of parking spaces, Savourworld is a convenient 3 mins stroll away from Kent Ridge Station and has 300 covered car park lots available. There’s even complimentary parking after 6 pm on weekdays and all day on weekends and public holidays!

In addition, Savourworld has a 13,000 sq ft event space for monthly F&B events! The first event will be Oktoberfest, a German food and beer event happening this weekend in October 2017


The Food At Savourworld

Currently, 17 out of the 30 spaces at Savourworld are taken up. Among them, there is a good mix of Asian (Local, Japanese, Chinese) and Western (Turkish, Italian, French, Tex-Mex) cuisines on top of drinks, gelato and beer offerings.

NAHMJ was invited for a Asian food trail at Savourworld and we sampled various dishes from Cha Tra Mue, Coffee Break, Chinese Noodle Bar by Blue Lotus, Ramen Atelier, Kick Cafe, Tokyo Joe and Licktionary.



Cha Tra Mue


To kick start the food trail, we each had a cup of Thai Iced Milk Tea from Cha Tra Mue. Thai tea, also known as cha yen has been gaining popularity in Singapore. Among the many brands serving this strongly brewed ceylon tea with evaporated milk, Cha Tra Mue is said to be the best. After trying it, I agree. The sweetness is subtle (likely to have been tweaked to suit local palates) but it remains creamy with a strong tea fragrance. Just perfect.



Coffee Break


Next, we had Black Sesame Toast from hawkerpreneurs turned coffee cafe Coffee Break. Coffee Break serves toasts, local kopi and ang-moh coffee (eg. cafe latte). The interesting thing here is that they have special toast flavours like black sesame, rum and raisin, matcha azuki and even key lime creme (key lime is only available at Savourworld outlet)! Since we are on an Asian Food Trail, we tried the black sesame toast. Unfortunately, I found the black sesame paste lackluster for me. It was a tad sweet for my liking and did not have enough black sesame fragrance.




Chinese Noodle Bar by Blue Lotus


After the toasts, we were served Chilli Crab Xiao Long Bao and Truffle Pork Lard Noodles from Chinese Noodle Bar by Blue Lotus.As someone who loves spicy food, I had high expectations of the xiao long bao (dumpling). And it did not disappoint. The dumpling skin was not too thick and the spicy shredded crab filling was just too shiok! This is not the sweetish kind of chilli crab but the seriously spicy kind. I will put the spice level as 9 out of 10 so this is strictly recommended for people who can take their spice well. Some of my fellow diners took a bite and could not go on. For me, I was happily popping one after another into my mouth (in between sips of water)!

The Truffle Pork Lard Noodle from Chinese Noodle Bar by Blue Lotus was also pretty good. The noodles are of medium thickness and tastes similar to Japanese ramen. While I wasn’t too impressed with the dark sauce in this dish, I like the strong truffle aroma and super crunchy pork lard. As this dish is only served with pork lard and vegetables, it is a dish reserved for die-hard pork lard fans.



Ramen Atelier


Besides the truffle noodles, we also had Ramen Noir from French-Japanese ramen eatery Ramen Atelier, The black broth is a chicken and pork broth cooked with squid ink miso tare. The colour looks fabulous but taste was too flat. However, I did like the chewy noodle texture and thinly sliced pork belly chashu which tastes like bacon. Hence, I will probably return for the other broths at Ramen Atelier.



Kick Cafe



Moving on from the noodles, we had Nasi Lemak from Kick Cafe. The attractive Nasi Lemak was served with a big drumstick, hard boiled egg and homemade sambal. Looking at the huge drumstick was enough to get me salivating and tasting it just got me craving for more! The drumstick is pretty juicy and most importantly, I like that the crispy skin was marinated with tumeric. The rice also had a nice coconut aroma and a fluffy texture. Generally I like this dish. The only thing that was slightly disappointing was the sambal that wasn’t spicy enough.




Tokyo Joe



At Tokyo Joe (a chirashi place by day and izakaya bar by night), we had a pretty Signature Bara Chirashi Bowl. I am not a sashimi fan (I dislike the soft texture of raw fishes) so I generally do not order chirashi bowls. But surprisingly, I like this. Each mouthful of fresh tuna, salmon and hamachi cubes was delicious. I also like the subtly sweet egg omelette cubes. Unexpectedly, I found myself reaching for this bowl as often as the Nasi Lemak.







Lastly, we concluded the meal with some egg-less gelato at Licktionary. Like a dictionary, Licktionary gives a meaning to each lick (of gelato). For example, Lust is a luscious and sexy dark chocolate with brandied cherries gelato while Peace is a vanilla and chrysanthemum gelato. Other gelato names include Happy, Love, Naughty, Kampung, etc. Fascinated with all the names and the unique flavors, I sampled all 11 flavors. I liked all of them as they are not too sweet. If you like Birds of Paradise, you will like Licktionary.




NAHMJ Verdict


With such an accessible location (proximity to train station and abundance of parking spaces) and abundance of unique choices, I see no reason not to venture West this weekend for your meal!




Savourworld @ Kent Ridge

2 Science Park Drive, Ascent, Singapore 118222

Tel: +65 6265 0992




Opening Hours


Monday – Sunday: 1100 to 2300

*Operating Hours of different F&B brands may differ.


Oktoberfest 2017 Opening Hours

Friday 13 Oct 2017: 1730 to – 2330 | Saturday 14 Oct 2017: 1700 to 2330 | Sunday 15 Oct 2017: 1700 to 2300 


Getting There



  • Circle line – Kent Ridge


By Bus:

  • DNV Technolody – 92, 92A
  • Opp Kent Ridge Station – 92, 92A, 92B, 200, 200A
  • Kent Ridge Station – 92, 92A, 200
  • PSB Science Park Building – 14, 33, 97, 97E, 166, 197, 963, 963E


Rating: 7.5/10



*Disclaimer: This was a media invite.


Written by Denise Chua who also blogs at