Chen Mapo Tofu At Jewel Changi Airport – Changi Airport, Singapore

Chen Mapo Tofu, a Sister brand of Shisen Hanten, opened its first outlet at OUE Downtown Gallery. Now the two Michelin-starred chef has his Chen Mapo Tofu at Jewel Changi Airport within the Five Spice Food Court, basement 2 which make his food more accessible to the masses. I thought the move is certainly welcomed.

The two brands are helmed by Chef Chen Kentaro who is the third generation of Chef Chen Kemin who founded the restaurant.

Chen Mapo Tofu Jewel Menu

In case you aren’t familiar with Chen Mapo Tofu, I have here the menu. They offers hearty Szechwan rice bowl. Diners could order the super value meal consisting of half Mapo Don, half Dan Dan Mien and the Szechwan Popcorn Chicken and a drink at $16.80. Alternatively, individual Mains with Sides.

Mapo Don 陈麻婆豆腐烩饭 ($10.50)

First and foremost is the signature item. Lightly numbing spiciness Chen’s Signature Mapo Tofu on Japanese rice. The spiciness level is mild. Comparing with the Mapo Tofu at her 2 Michelin-star sister’s restaurant, it was more intense in flavour. Vegetarian option is also available.

Dan Dan Mien, Soup/Dry 担担面 ($10.50)

The second vegetarian option after the Vegetarian Mapo Don. The Dan Dan Mien is a popular item at Chen Mapo Tofu. The flavour is close to peanut fragrance. The noodle turned soft easily.

Buta Don 豚肉烩饭 ($14)

The sliced pork rice in Chen’s Signature Szechwan Spiced Sauce is a comfort food. Similar to the chinese-style stir fried pork in black sauce. Mixed with the lava egg gave a silky texture to don.

Chen’s Nasu Don 陈鱼香茄子烩饭 ($11.50)

After the Mapo Don, the brinjal with minced meat, another Chen’s Signature, is my second favourite. The sauce and ingredients mingled with rice was so appetising, I could polish the entire bowl by myself.

Kaisen Katayaki 海鲜生面 ($14.50)

Crispy noodle served at Chen Mapo Tofu is of the thicker version giving more crunch.

Szechwan Popcorn Chicken 辣子鸡 ($5)

The popular Szechuan Deep-Fried Chicken is with an adapted version. It resemble more of the popcorn chicken with the same spiciness aroma.

NAHMJ Verdict

Having Chen Mapo Tofu at Jewel Changi will showcase the delicacy to a greater number of diners, both local and overseas. I would highly recommend first time diner to order the Signature Combo ($12.50) for the opportunity to try both Mapo Don and Dan Dan Mien at one-go.

Chen Mapo Tofu At Jewel Changi

78 Airport Boulevard #B2-238/239/240 Jewel, Changi Airport Singapore, Singapore
Tel: Nil


Opening Hours

24 Hours

Getting There


  • East West line – Changi Airport station

By Bus:

  • Changi Airport PTB1   24, 27, 34, 36, 53, 858

Rating: 8/10