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Vons Chicken Singapore, Korean Fried Chicken – 321 Clementi, Singapore (Closed)

Another Korean Fried Chicken Outlet is opened, Vons Chicken. It is located at 321 Clementi.


Vons Chicken - Overview


Vons Chicken - Interior


It is a fast food style restaurant. Order at the counter, drinks dispensed and you get a buzzer for collection of food.


Vons Chicken - Buzzer


Vons Chicken has considerably provide gloves for diners.


Vons Chicken - Gloves


This is awesome. Since eating chicken wings is always best using fingers.



Vons Chicken specialises in both fried and oven baked chicken. Option of spicy, original and garlic soy; and choice of wings, drum sticks or boneless. The exception is for garlic soy which only comes in wings. For the spicy, Vons Chicken has come up with 3 level; mild, hot and volcano. This will some what satisfy the different spice tolerance level.

There are set meal option which consist of the chicken, fries and a drink. Alternatively, it would be Ala Carte.


Vons Chicken - Vons Chicken - Garlic Soy Chicken Wings Se


Fried Chicken

You get to choose Original, Garlic soy and Spicy flavours. The good news is that there are three spice level to choose from; Mild, Hot and Volcano.


Garlic Soy

Vons Chicken Garlic Soy Chicken Wings, aka Gold Wings, has crispy chicken. Batter was thinly coated.


Vons Chicken - Garlic Soy Chicken Wings


The garlic soy sauce was generously drizzled over the chicken. I could taste the garlicky flavour but not overwhelmed.


Oven Baked Chicken

Oven Baked Chicken comes only with spicy option.

Vons Chicken differentiated themselves from others by providing different level of spiciness; mild, hot and volcano. The Volcano could satisfy the fiery spice of some diners whom were in need of them. I don’t belong to that class. I went for Mild.


Vons Chicken - Mild Spicy Oven Roasted Chicken Wings


I didn’t find Mild spicy at all but instead a sweet tangy sauce. I enjoyed it to the max. Importanyly, the chicken was still moist and tender with a mild crisp skin. I will go for Moderate next.


Sides – Fries

The fries at Vons Chicken is the more chunky type, which I prefer as I could munch onto the potato but it did not gave off a nice potato aroma. It was a little too subtle.


Vons Chicken - Fries



The strength of Vons Chicken is that they provided different spiciness level to diners for selection. I thought this was an awesome gesture.

As for the chicken; tasty crispy chicken was my verdict.

After so many Korean Fried Chicken, fast food styled like 4 Fingers or restaurants like Choo Choo Chicken, personally, I am starting to have a little more expectation and hoping to see some creativity.

It is after all a good option, especially for those staying in the West.


NAHMJ Recommendation

Spicy Wings is a must!



Vons Chicken

321 Clementi Ave 3, #02-, 321 Clementi, Singapore 129905
Tel: +65 6734 0028



Opening Hours


Daily TBC


Getting There



  • East-West line – Clementi station

By Bus:

  • alight opp Blk 329 along Commonwealth Ave   14, 52, 78, 96, 105, 106, 147, 154, 156, 165, 166, 175, 183, 185, 189, 285
  • alight at Blk 329 along Commonwealth Ave   52, 105, 106, 154, 183, 184, 185, 189, 285
  • alight at Clementi Stadium or at Blk 426 along AYE   97, 97e, 188, 196, 197, 198, 963