Jinjja Chicken - Order Counter

Jinjja Chicken, Korean Fast Food – Bugis, Singapore

Jinjja Chicken is a Korean Fast Food Restaurant serving several dishes and of course the Korean Fried Chicken is definitely found on its menu. Rejoice, Korean Fried Chicken Fan, one more choice. We are also very found of this dish and went to check it out as soon as we could.


Set up is very much like any fast food. And you could spot Jinjja Chicken Mascot throughout the area. Order is done over the counter and collection by the side counter, walk into an “alley” and the collection point is on your right.


Jinjja Chicken - Dining Area


Jinjja Chicken offers the Jinjja Wings in 6, 12 and 18 pieces. Alternatively, you could have it in half or whole chicken. 2 flavours, soy garlic and yangnyeom. If you like both the flavours, go for mix, which we did. We love the sauces. Without it, the chicken was bland.


Jinjja Chicken - Jinjja Wings (Mixed)


Beside the Wings and whole chicken as Mains, there are various other Mains which include, Seafood Jjamppong, Jjajang Myeon / Bap, Bibimbap / Myeon, Burgers and Chicken Bap. You could make it a meal by adding $2 and you get a soft drink and a fries.


Jinjja Chicken - Sesame Seaweed Fries


Jinjja Chicken - Tteokbokki Fries


The fast food restaurant offers 3 types of fries, Seasalt, Sesame Seaweed and Tteokbokki Fries with an option of cheese sauce. Other sides found were Seafood Mandu, Seaweed Tofu, Kimchi and Salad.


Jinjja Chicken - Pat Bingsu


Since it is Korean Fast Food Restaurant, Bingsu were part of the menu. Limited flavours offered, Pat Bingsu or Oreo Bingsu.


Jinjja Chicken - Yuzu Drink


Besides the usual soft drinks found in most fast food restaurant, over at Jinjja Chicken, 2 other Korean drinks offered; Yuzu and Sikhye Rice Drink.



NAHMJ Verdict


NAHMJ has a good impression of the Korean Fried Chicken, specifically the sauce, offered in Jinjja Chicken. As usual with all our Korean Fried Chicken, we did a take away. This round we took about 20 minutes of travelling journey. The fried chicken remained crisp. Both the sauces, soy garlic and yangnyeom were equally awesome. As for other Mains, to be determined.





Jinjja Chicken

249 Victoria Street (Bugis Village), Singapore 188032


Menu: Jinjja Chicken Menu


Opening Hours


Sunday – Thursday  1100 to 2200; Friday – Saturday  1100 to 2330


Getting There



  • Downtown line or East-West line – Bugis station


By Bus:

  • alight opp Bugis Junction along Victoria Street   7, 12, 63, 80, 175, 197, 851, 960, 980
  • alight at Bugis Station along Victoria street   2, 32, 33, 51, 61, 130, 133, 145
  • alight at Bugis Junction along Victoria Street   2, 12, 33, 130, 133, 960
  • alight at North Bridge Road Commercial Complex along North Bridge Road   7, 32, 51, 61, 63, 80, 145, 175, 197, 851


Rating: 7/10