la'coffee - Interior

La’Coffee @ Rangoon 88 Serves Traditional Coffee (Re-branded & Closed)


la’Coffee is now Tamper & Co at the same location.

la’Coffee located at the ground floor of Rangoon 88, with Old Hen as neighbour, specialises in traditional coffee and this aroused my interest so I made a trip to the cafe to check it out.

The cafe has a modern industrial design, simple and sleek.


la'coffee - Drink Menu


Besides the traditional coffee, there are both the traditional old school goodies like kaya toast, chee cheong fun, some Asian and Western fare, quite a good mix of variety but they don’t have the Espresso based coffee as an alternative.


la'coffee - My Order, Earl Grey Cake & Kopi-C


After browsing the menu and gazing at the cake that were on the display, I ordered a Kopi-C and the Earl Grey Cake. Moreover the cake was recommended by the crew.


la'coffee - My Bill


I was extremely disappointed with my order. It was overly priced. At $3.50 per cup of kopi-c?! And the food was poor. The kopi was heavily c, with evaporated milk and it was only lukewarm. I have asked the crew to top up with more kopi twice. On the second time, I even asked the crew to pour away at least half a cup of kopi before topping it up. None of the top increased the temperature of the drink.

The Earl Grey Cake was warmed up by the crew. Though it has a good Earl Grey flavour, the crust was hard and chewy while it was warm. It turned into a rock when cold. I couldn’t set my teeth on the cake.

My whole experience? I feel that I wasted my money for nothing. I felt like I have thrown $8.50 into the drain. Extremely upset. πŸ™

The concept behind la’coffee was good but it was poorly executed. They certainly have to re-strategize the whole plan.




88 Rangoon Road, Rangoon 88, #01-02 Singapore 218374

Tel: +65 6341 7525


Opening Hours


Sunday – Thursday 0730 to 2230; Friday – Saturday 0900 to 0100


Getting There


By MRT: North-East line – Farrer Park station


Rating: 5/10