Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh At Rangoon Road, Fave Bak Kut Teh - Feast

Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh At Rangoon Road, Fave Bak Kut Teh – Farrer Park, Singapore

Bak Kut Teh is certainly a popular food in Singapore, for both locals and tourists. Brands such as Old Street, Song Fa and Founder Bak Kut Teh are flourishing. I have long heard about Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh and walked past them many times too, not until recently I have the opportunity to […]

The Cold Pantry At New Location, 88 Rangoon Road – Farrer Park, Singapore

The Cold Pantry has now shifted. Still within the vicinity but now they are nearer to Farrer Park MRT station. The Cold Pantry At New Location, 88 Rangoon Road. Now, it is with a shorter walk from the MRT station.   The space of the entire cafe looks bigger and perhaps is the high ceiling […]

Teng Tea Dessert Cafe - Counter View

Teng Tea Dessert Cafe – Rangoon Road, Farrer Park, Singapore (Closed)

Teng Tea Dessert Cafe is one of the new addition in the last quarter of 2015 on Rangoon Road. It is beside Icebox Cafe which I visited previously. I really think Farrer area is beginning to flourish. Maybe into another Tiong Bahru or Jalan Besar.   The cafe space is adorned in monochrome. Space isn’t the […]

Non Entree Dessert - By a Wall

Non Entree Desserts Cafe – Farrer Park, Singapore

Non Entree Desserts has taken over Woodshed. Somehow, I couldn’t help but lament on the many changes within a short period in Rangoon Road. The other was Icebox Cafe taken over the Property Cafe. Icebox Cafe is equally exciting with the Over The Top Milkshake. It maybe for the better since more exciting options exist. On […]

Icebox Cafe - Counter

Icebox Cafe – Farrer Park, Singapore (Closed)

Lots of changes has taken place along Rangoon Road in October 2015. Icebox Cafe has taken over Property Cafe, Non Entree Desserts took over Woodshed and Teng Tea House has took over the space of an Organic Vegetarian Cafe. For this post, we are over to Icebox Cafe, a Muslim-owned cafe. Operated by a brother, his […]

Brunches Cafe - Another view of Cafe

Brunches Cafe – Rangoon Road

  Brunches Cafe at Rangoon Road is at the same side of Old Hen but further down (if you are coming from Farrer Park MRT station).     The cafe has a vintage and maybe a little retro theme.     You can find lots of vintage items, from Television, Telephone, Typewriter, some ornaments, toys […]

Tamper & Co - Interior

Tamper & Co Cafe At 88 Rangoon Road Farrer Park (Closed)

Tamper & Co, I believe it was re-branded from the previous La’Coffee. As I saw the same lady (I think she is the owner) also at Tamper & Co. Moreover, I spotted the la’coffee chicken wings on Tamper & Co menu.     When I entered the cafe, I thought it was a new cafe […]

The Cold Pantry - Pastries Counter

The Cold Pantry, A Cafe Serving Frozen Yogurt In Rangoon Road – Farrer Park, Singapore (Shifted)

Rangoon Road is getting busy. With early entrance, Jewels to recent joiners such as Woodshed, La’Coffee, Old Hen and now The Cold Pantry, joining the cafe scene there offering Froyo.   It is extremely easy to locate The Cold Pantry, especially for those who know Jewels. It is on Jewels left. [The Cold Pantry has shifted to 88 Rangoon […]

la'coffee - Interior

La’Coffee @ Rangoon 88 Serves Traditional Coffee (Re-branded & Closed)

  la’Coffee is now Tamper & Co at the same location. la’Coffee located at the ground floor of Rangoon 88, with Old Hen as neighbour, specialises in traditional coffee and this aroused my interest so I made a trip to the cafe to check it out. The cafe has a modern industrial design, simple and […]

Old Hen Coffee Bar - Cafe Interior

Old Hen Coffee Bar, Sleek Modern With A Vintage Hint

  Old Hen Cafe is located at Rangoon Road which is about a stone thrown from the Farrer Park MRT station, extremely easy to locate.     The cafe has a sleek modern looking feel. As it has some vintage fans disassemble and used it as a lamp shade and this gave a vintage feel. […]