Lau’s Kopi At South Quarter – Jakarta, Indonesia

I spotted Lau’s Kopi in various location throughout Jakarta. It seems like Lau’s Kopi is an equivalent of the Singapore Kopitiam version. Moreover, on the menu, I spotted Kopi-O and Kopi SuSu, thinking it might be the traditional coffee. And since I was craving for Kopi, good chance to try them out. I was there […]

LJJ Cafe - Overview

LJJ Cafe (梁佳吉), A Kopi Shop, At Circuit Road

  LJJ Cafe sounded like some western modern cafe, but it is actually some sort similar to Toastbox or Heavenly Wang or Killiney. Its Chinese name is 梁佳吉,  located on Circuit Road, an area with senior folks, I find it very apt. It is also a good addition with Nom Cafe nearby.     I find the […]

Marigold Top 6 Kopi Finalist 2014

The first search for the best Kopi in Singapore was organised and conducted by Marigold last year. They have once again travelling to every part of Singapore to search for the best Kopi this year and the Marigold Top 6 Kopi Finalist 2014 are below.   Marigold Top 6 Kopi Finalist 2014   Da Zhong […]

la'coffee - Interior

La’Coffee @ Rangoon 88 Serves Traditional Coffee (Re-branded & Closed)

  la’Coffee is now Tamper & Co at the same location. la’Coffee located at the ground floor of Rangoon 88, with Old Hen as neighbour, specialises in traditional coffee and this aroused my interest so I made a trip to the cafe to check it out. The cafe has a modern industrial design, simple and […]

Coffee Culture - Cafe Interior View

Coffee Culture At The Nanos, Biopolis, A Hybrid

I finally found a cafe, Coffee Culture At The Nanos within Biopolis, selling both the espresso based coffee and the kopitiam kopi. I have been wondering why there isn’t such a cafe that offers the best of both world. Finally, I found one.     The design also seems pretty hybrid like what they offered […]

Nanyang Old Coffee, Judges favourite among the Top 8 Finalist in the In Search Of Best Coffee 2013

This weekend I tried another kopi of the top 8 finalist,

Top 8 Finalist of In Search of Best Kopi – Sunrise Traditional Coffee & Toast (昇阳传统咖非)

As I was at Golden Shoe Food Centre trying out the tacos from Taqueria (You can read my post here), I  went over to Sunrise Traditional Coffee & Toast to try out their coffee.

Understanding Kopitiam Lingo and Terminology: Part 2 – Definition List of Kopitiam Terms

The follow-up post from “Understanding Kopitiam Lingo and Terminology: Part 1 – Step by step guide to order your coffee at local coffee stall in Singapore”. This is a list of the terminology used in the local kopitiam and its meaning.     Kopitiam Definition   Kopitiam – Coffee Stall, Coffee Shop Tiam – shop […]

Traditional Coffee, Kopi, Top 8 Finalist 2013, Singapore

Most of you in Singapore, by now, should have seen the advertisement on Channel 8 on the “Marigold In Search of Top Eight Finalists (Marigold咖啡强中强2013)”. I am sure some of you must be wondering which are the 8 finalists. Here is the list.     Top 8 Finalist 2013   1. Nanyang Old Coffee (湳洋老咖非) […]

Understanding Kopitiam Lingo and Terminology: Part 1 – Step by step guide to order your coffee at local coffee stall in Singapore

It is not difficult to order your drink at the coffee stall once you understand the Kopitiam Lingo. All you need is to learn the terminology. After that, you can order your drink like a pro, like the local.     Kopitiam Lingo   The first term is kopitiam. Kopi means coffee and tiam means shop, so the word […]