Ho Fook Hei Soy Sauce Chicken By Joyden At Great World City - Interior, another view

Ho Fook Hei Soy Sauce Chicken By Joyden At Great World City – River Valley, Singapore

The Joyden Concepts is best known for Joyden Treasures, Joyden Canton, Joyden Seafood; they have created Ho Fook Hei 好福气 at Great World City to showcase their Specialty Rose Wine Soy Sauce Chicken along with some lip-smacking dishes.

Ho Fook Hei is in Cantonese which means good fortune. The name will certainly strike a chord with many diners and I am sure everyone would hope to rub off some good fortune from the name after dinning there.

From Menu Of Ho Fook Hei

Taking the centre-stage at Ho Fook Hei is the Specialty Rose Wine Soy Sauce Chicken 招聘玫瑰露酱油鸡 ($19 Half/$35 Whole). Tender meat complemented with subtle rose wine flavour augmented the premium soy sauce, extremely tasty and best eaten with the skin. Savour some of the sauce to complete the experience. Top of the must order item at Ho Fook Hei.

For those who love firm meat with chewiness, don’t miss out on the Honey-Glazed Black Barbeque Pork Belly 吊烧黑金叉烧 ($13) roasted using Spanish Pork. At Ho Fook Hei, it is more of a savoury rendition.

Enjoy the 2 meat items with the springy Egg noodles 全蛋银丝面 ($3.80). The best part is that it has minimal unpleasant alkaline after-taste.

With such Wonton noodles, of course Shrimp Dumpling Soup 凤城水饺汤 ($8.80) is also on the menu. To have lots of chewiness in the dumpling, black fungus were added to the prawn and meat.

One of the most enjoyable item I had was the Pork and Prawn Rolls ‘Hae Zor’ 手打肉虾枣 ($7.80).

Diners who love Steamed Fish can choose from Cod Fillet 鳕鱼 ($24.80), Threadfin Fillet 午鱼 ($18.80) and Seabass Fillet 金目鲈 ($14.80) and the choice of sauce; Old Ginger Sauce 姜葱蒸, Teochew Style 潮州蒸, Signature Nonya Assam Sauce 娘惹蒸 or Superior Soy Sauce 港蒸. I love the Seabass Fillet Steamed with Signature Nonya Assam Sauce ($14.80) more than the Cod Fillet Steamed with Old Ginger Sauce ($24.80). The secret in winning my heart was the sauce.

Worth a mention is the silky Traditional Cantonese Congee 港式生滚粥. I tried the Red Grouper Fish Fillet Congee ($9.80), totally absence of the fishy pungent and at them same time, I didn’t get the strong gingerly scent and fish was fresh. Perfect bowl of comfort food especially on rainy day.

Finally, complete the meal with either a hot or cold dessert, with the traditional favourite Red Bean Soup with Aged Mandarin Peel and Lotus Seed 红豆陈皮莲子汤 ($4.50) or crowd favourite Sago and Pomelo in Fresh Mango Puree 杨枝甘露 ($4.50)


NAHMJ Verdict

Ho Fook Hei, an assuming eatery, serving delicious unpretentious food that won’t cause a hole in your pocket.

Ho Fook Hei 好福气

1 Kim Seng Promenade #01-141 Great World City, Singapore 237994
Tel: +65 6219 2262

Website: http://joyden.com.sg/our-concepts/hofookhei

Opening Hours

Daily 1130 go 1530, 1700 to 2130

Getting There

By Bus:

  • The Trillium along Kim Seng Road 5, 16, 75, 175, 195, 970
  • Opp Great World City along Zion Road   5, 16, 75, 175, 195, 970
  • At Riva Lodge or The Cosmopolitan along River Valley Road  32, 53, 139

Free Shuttle Bus From Chinatown MRT, Queenstown MRT and Newton MRT

Rating: 8/10

*Disclaimer: This was a media invite.