Sin Chao Gardens Teochew Porridge At River Valley Road - Facade

Sin Chao Gardens Teochew Porridge At River Valley Road – River Valley, Singapore

Unit 297 along River Valley Road, now occupied by Sin Chao Gardens 新潮園, a Chinese restaurant which is completely different from previously tenants. This fateful unit was occupied by Five and Dime originally. Some of us might have found memories of their sensational Salted Egg Lava Cake. As we lament on the closing, Fat Lulu who took over but was also closed down shortly.

The white building may still look the same, however, what the restaurant, Sin Chao Gardens offers is Teochew Porridge. No hipster element found anywhere in the space. In fact, it has this typical ugly Chinese restaurant look.

Nonetheless, don’t judge a book by its cover. The food served out of the kitchen is amazingly tasty. At every Teochew Porridge outlet, an array of dishes are surely offered. As I didn’t order so I didn’t get a chance to scrutinize the menu. Here are some of the food we ordered though.

First and foremost, my favourite dish of the night is the unassuming Fried Oyster Egg. This omelette was perfect, fluffy and moist egg with generous amount of fresh oyster. It a must order unless you like neither egg nor oyster.

When having porridge, Braised food is never missing. We order the Braised Platter consisting of Meat, Egg, Instestine and Skin. Alternatively, you could order individual item. Using golden ration of spices, the flavour though mild, the flavour was not only well-balanced but the fragrance was well-absorbed into each piece.

Ngoh Hiang

Equally thinly-sliced slice bitter-gourd in the Stir-Fried Bitter-gourd With Black Bean was flavourful and yet with crunchiness retained. I am not a fan but still approve this dish. I love the fish more than the bitter-gourd though. Do order if you love this vegetable.

Next 2 dishes even though they are toothsome are not stuff that I will order. First the Steamed Baby Squid with Garlic and Hum.

Since it is a Teochew Restaurant, we gladly order the Yam Paste. Sin Chao Gardens offered the healthier version which is less oily and less sweet with lots of gingko nuts and scallion. May not be the best but good enough to sweetened up the meal.

NAHMJ Verdict

All the dishes we tried at Sin Chao Gardens were thumb-up. I see myself going back frequently.

Sin Chao Gardens

297 River Valley Rd, Singapore 238338
Tel: +65 6369 0328


Opening Hours

Daily 1030 to 2200

Getting There

By Bus:
– After or before AA Centre along River Valley Road – 32, 54, 139, 195

Rating: 8/10