Matcha Lava Cake Recipe In 2 Simple Steps

I am sure most love the Lava Cake. Me too am one of them. Recently, I learned about a Matcha Lava Cake Recipe in 2 steps. I thought this was not only easy but convenient. In addition, I like to believe the success rate as high since I succeeded in first attempt.



Matcha Lava Cake Recipe In 2 Steps




Make 12 Lava Cakes


For Matcha Cubes:

1 cup  White Chocolate

2 tbsp  Vegetable Oil

2 tbsp  Matcha Powder


Cake Batter:

8 tbsp  (120g) salted butter

6  Large eggs

1/2 cup  (60g) Plain flour

2 cup  (400g) White Chocolate

2 tbsp  Matcha Powder


Matcha Lava Cake Recipe - Matcha Lava Cake





  1.   Pre-heat oven at 200°C


2.  Making Matcha Cube

Melt white chocolate with vegetable oil and matcha powder either in microwave oven or double-boiler. Once melted, pour mixture into ice cube mold, give it a good shake to settle and freeze it for about 20 minutes.


3.   Making the Cake Batter

Melt the butter and white chocolate separately. In a mixer, add eggs, plain flour, matcha powder, melted butter and melted white chocolate in a mixer bowl. Whip all mixture together at high speed for 30s. Once done, pour the mixture to the cup cakes pan with paper liners. Next drop the matcha cubes into the centre and ensure batter cover the cube slightly. Now send it to the pre-heated oven for 9 minutes. Cool it for 10 minutes. Remove the paper and serve with desired toppings and/or ice cream.


Matcha Lava Cake Recipe - Matcha Lava flowing out of Cake