Lava Toast In Singapore 2016

Looks like Lava Toast is on the rise after the Salt Egg Lava Croissants setting the trend on our shore. Ever since consumers have been chasing the Salted Egg. Tailing it, the F&B in Singapore has come up with the Lava Toast, keeping the interest high for all sorts of Lava products high. It seems like any oozing food will clinch a high spot on trend food in 2016.




Lava Toast


What is Lava Toast? Similar to Lava Croissant, it has some lava flowy filling. Instead of having the filling in a croissant, now you have it in other bread, such as Charcoal, Brioche or classic white bread.



The Bakery Chef

Block 161 Bukit Merah Central #01-3711, Singapore 150161
Tel: +65 6273 9211

Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday  1000 to 1900; Friday – Saturday  100o to 2100



Lava Toast In Singapore - The Bakery Chef


To set the trend going is the Lava Toast creation, we have the version from The Bakery Chef. Their version is highly customized. Diners first choose their bread; brioche, charcoal or matcha. Next decide the filling; Matcha salted egg, Salted egg or Nutella. Lastly, opt for your ice cream, vanilla, matcha or chocolate.

In case you are wondering what’s my choice is, I have Brioche bread with Matcha salted egg lava and paired the lava toast with Vanilla ice cream.

Though the cafe opened at 10 am but this trend food, Lava Toast is served only from 12 pm.




71 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189555
Tel: +65 8389 7877



Lava Toast In Singapore 2016 - 7 Kickstart Liu Sha French Toast ($13)


7Kickstart has presented their version of the Lava Toast too, named as 流沙French Toast ($13). A pity it is available only for breakfast, from 8 am to 11 am. Early bird catches their Lava Toast. If you are not, no worry, it is available after 3 pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.

Their version is slanted towards the savoury end of taste profile. And to balance it, they have cleverly added condensed milk to give that sweet hint. Interestingly, cinnamon is added too.

The presentation effect is appealing but most may feel cheated after cutting it up.

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For store location:



Lava Toast In Singapore - Toast Box Golden Lava French Toast


Toast Box has also rolled out their version of Lava Toast known as the Golden Lava French Toast.

The Golden Lava French Toast uses their signature salted egg yolk custard sandwiched between 2 slices of white bread and then coated it with egg and fried it. As such, expect an oily toast which I didn’t appreciate.

The set comes with a small coffee is priced differently at its cafes. I spotted some at $4.40 while others at $4.80. I visited the Toastbox at Cruise Centre and it is priced at the former. And this golden toast is not available at City Link, Queenstown, Wisma Atria B1, Alexandra Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Tea Loft at Suntec City



Meet And Melt

Block 915 Tampines Street 91 #01-49, Singapore 520915
Tel: +65 9185 8173

Opening Hours:  Tuesday – Friday  1500 to 2300; Saturday – Sunday  1400 to 2300



Lava Toast In Singapore 2016 - Meet and Melt, Charcoal Thai Milk Tea Lava Toast ($14.90)


Lava Toast In Singapore 2016 - Meet and Melt, Original Thai Green Tea Lava Toast ($14.90)


For the East dwellers, you are in luck to have Meet and Melt serving the Lava Toast ($14.90). They have 3 flavours, but you won’t find the salted egg sauce, instead the available flavours are Thai Milk Tea, Thai Green Tea and Ferror Rocher.

Diner could choose either the Original Toast or Charcoal to go with the different sauce. Each Lava Toast serving comes with a scoop of ice cream. Meet and Melt recommends either Cookies and Cream or Vanilla. If you like the premium flavour, add $1.



Flavour Flings

Block 121 Hougang Avenue 1 #01-1348 Singapore 530121
Tel: +65 6286 0051

Opening Hours:  Monday, Wednesday – Friday  1100 to 1600, 1730 to 2100; Saturday – Sunday  0900 to 1600, 1730 to 2100



Flavour Flings has also jumped onto the bandwagon, introducing their version as Brioche Brick Toast.

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NAHMJ Verdict


Salted egg lava, matcha lava and any lava food that oozes are in trend for 2016 in Singapore so the Lava Toast will be seen for at least a while, I suppose.