De Burg At East Village, Simpang Bedok, Singapore - Overview of De Burg Simpang

De Burg Simpang At East Village – Tanah Merah, Singapore

De Burg is now at East Village within the vicinity of the well known F&B Area for the Eastie, Simpang Bedok. This is the first time NAHMJ visit De Burg and we have a pretty good impression though it was confusing at the start.


The burger restaurant is facing Upper Changi Road. So once you reached East Village, walked around the perimeter to spot the restaurant.


De Burg At East Village, Simpang Bedok, Singapore - Facade of De Burg Simpang


De Burg At East Village, Simpang Bedok, Singapore - Interior by a wall view of De Burg Simpang


Diners will find both the air-conditioned indoor seats and some al fresco seating. The entire space is random. There isn’t any interior design theme. The chairs are in weird colours combination as well; red, blue, yellow and black. Entirety is quite a haphazard. If you look beyond these flaws, diners will find treasures among the menu instead.


Coming to the menu, equally disastrous like the interior design. In my opinion was confusing. The menu isn’t interesting. In fact, awful as there is no pictures except words and only tiny words. As they offered almost every burger under the sun. Even after I zoom to the section of interest, I still got to scrutiny the description to understand what each burger is. Since the name of the burgers doesn’t tell much. I almost gave up. The day was saved by the friendly, warm and helpful service crew who recommended based on my preference.


De Burg At East Village, Simpang Bedok, Singapore - Joe Burg ($21)


The signature burger is De Burg ($20) taking the name of the restaurant. It consist of hand-molded beef patty with daily fresh ground beef, cheese, a whole portobello mushroom and greens. BBQ sauce laced the inner side of each half of the fluffy sesame bun.


My choice burger was Joe Burg ($21). Similar to the De Burg but it is with Garlic mayonnaise instead. Therefore the result is akin to garlic bread.


Diners do note that all beef burgers at De Burg Simpang are served medium rare. Do indicate your preference if otherwise.


Non-beef diners go for the highly recommended Hawaiian Pork Burger ($10 for 100g / $17.50 for 200g) or XXX Bacon Lover Burger ($18.50). Alternatively, Asian Chicken Burger ($12.50 for 100g / $18.50 for 200g) is with salted egg sauce. The other salted egg sauce burger is the Crab Burger ($16).


For adventurous diner, try the Choco Lamb ($13.50 for 100g / $21.50 for 200g). It is a lamb burger with Nutella sauce. Yes, you heard it correctly.


De Burg At East Village, Simpang Bedok, Singapore - Spam Fries ($12)


Burgers with no side is boring. Diners could order the highly recommended Spam Fries ($12). Other options include Onion Rings ($7), Tater Tots ($7), Sweet Potato Fries ($12), Fried Chicken Wings ($8/6 mid wings), Popcorn Chicken ($7), Chicken Nuggets ($6/8pcs) and Jalapeno Poppers ($9/6pcs).


Lastly, if you have room for desserts, go for the Mini brownies with ice cream ($8.50) or without ($6).



NAHMJ Verdict


We thought well of the Joe Burg that we tried at De Burg Simpang. Though some may find the burger at a whopping $20 buck expensive, it is with quality ingredients in it. The beef patty was firmed and natural tasting with only dashes of salt. No additional marinate was savoured.


De Burg At East Village, Simpang Bedok, Singapore - My dinner at De Burg Simpang


And NAHMJ is glad that all burgers are served with fries.




De Burg

430 Upper Changi Road, East Village #01-66, Singapore 487048
Tel: +65 6969 4715



Opening Hours


Monday – Friday  1145 to 1445, 1700 to 2145; Saturday – Sunday  1145 to 2145


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight at or opp Bedok Market Place along Bedok Road   2, 9, 10, 48, 531



  • East-West line – Tanah Merah station (take bus 2, 9, 48 from the bus stop next to Urban Vista)


Rating: 7.5/10