Coyoro Ice Cream Roll - Our order of Ice Cream Roll

Coyoro, Cool Yogurt Roll – East Village, Tanah Merah, Singapore

Recently, the ice cream roll seems to be taking over as the latest 2015 trend food in Q3. I knew of 3 such Ice Cream parlours within a week offerring the ice cream roll. The first I tried was from the Coyoro at the East Village. If you want to know which other ice cream parlour offer them, click here.


Coyoro - Overview of Ice Cream Parlour


Coyoro offers both Ice Cream and the froyo in either the creation cup with pre-selected ingredients or the Design Your Own (DYO) Cup.


Coyoro Ice Cream Roll - Menu


Toppings available were the pretty standard ones. No surprises spotted.


Coyoro - Toppings available


We tried both the Froyo and Ice Cream to find out how it fare.


Coyoro - Fruity Parfait


First of the item was the Fruity Parfait with watermelon and mango fruit plus peanut crunch. Lastly, strawberry sauce was drizzled over it. We would prefer if we could select our choice fruits, crunch and sauce.

We weren’t impressed with the froyo.


Coyoro - Strawyoro


Strawyoro ($6.90) was the second item we tried. Select yogurt or ice cream mix. We selected the latter for this. The rest was pre-defined.

The vanilla soft serve reminded us of the ones serve at MacDonald.


Coyoro Ice Cream Roll - Design Your Own


Lastly, we tried a Design Your Own Regular Parfait with Yogurt mix, Mango and Kiwi as toppings. Though sauce was to be selected, we didn’t get to choose. Random pick of Caramel was drizzled over instead of our choice Chocolate sauce.



NAHMJ Verdict 


Coyoro is an attractive novelty and great for instagram post. Taste wise, NAHMJ felt there were room for improvement.


And before NAHMJ end the post, we have a video of the Ice Cream Roll in the making for all.






430 Upper Changi Road, East Village #01-13 Singapore 487048
Tel: +65 8218 5776



Opening Hours


Daily 1300 to 2200


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight at or opp Bedok Market Place along Bedok Road – 2, 9, 10, 48, 531



  • East-West line – Tanah Merah station (take bus 2, 9, 48 from the bus stop next to Urban Vista)


Rating: 6/10