De Burg At East Village, Simpang Bedok, Singapore - Overview of De Burg Simpang

De Burg Simpang At East Village – Tanah Merah, Singapore

De Burg is now at East Village within the vicinity of the well known F&B Area for the Eastie, Simpang Bedok. This is the first time NAHMJ visit De Burg and we have a pretty good impression though it was confusing at the start.   The burger restaurant is facing Upper Changi Road. So once you […]

Pasta Meat Sauce At East Village, Tanah Merah, Singapore - Pasta Meat and Sauce Wall

Pasta Meat Sauce At East Village – Simpang Bedok, Singapore

Pasta Meat Sauce located at East Village, at a corner of the East is lesser known to many, especially those staying in the West. Pasta Meat Sauce is established by folks of Rice & Fries (which I have never been to), in case you are wondering if they have any affiliates.   This outlet is […]

Coyoro Ice Cream Roll - Our order of Ice Cream Roll

Coyoro, Cool Yogurt Roll – East Village, Tanah Merah, Singapore

Recently, the ice cream roll seems to be taking over as the latest 2015 trend food in Q3. I knew of 3 such Ice Cream parlours within a week offerring the ice cream roll. The first I tried was from the Coyoro at the East Village. If you want to know which other ice cream […]

Kookie Krumbz - My Loots

Kookie Krumbz At East Village

Earlier, I posted on Salty Gelato in East Village, Kookie Krumbz is another shop in East Village too. There are quite a number of cafe, eatery and restaurant at East Village.     Kookie Krumbz is a tiny shop that offers mainly kookies though there are also ice cream and milkshakes too. The day when […]

Salty Peanut Gelato - Menu

Salty Peanut Gelato At East Village

In recent months, there are a number of Halal cafe sprawling throughout Singapore and Salty Peanut Gelato is one of them, setting up at the East Village.     My brother was excited when he got to know another ice parlour with waffles. While I was still recovering from my flu, he dragged me along to […]