Kanoom Thai Dessert Cafe - At a corner, The Facade

Kanoom Thai Dessert Cafe – Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

Kanoom Thai Dessert Cafe isn’t quite visible to most as it is located at the second floor at Block 7 of Tanjong Pagar Plaza. The location is quite a disadvantage. As the name of the cafe, it is one which specialises in Thai Desserts and Thai Toast.


The cafe is situated at a corner with 2 glass panels, making it a little like an aquarium.


Kanoom Thai Dessert Cafe - Interior, Cosy Corner


Kanoom Thai Dessert Cafe - Interior, By A Wall


Space is decked with simple dinning tables and chairs with a corner with a few comfortable cushy sofa seats and some cushions with Thai design were added to make the whole space a little Thai.


Kanoom Thai Dessert Cafe - Steamed Bread with Chayen Dip


At Kanoom, food were simple Toastburi. Either Toast or Steamed Bun in Thai Pandan Kaya, Chayen or Durian Filling or Dip. You have a choice to complete a set with either hot coffee or tea.


Kanoom Thai Dessert Cafe - Steamed Bread with Chayen Dip Set (with a hot coffee or tea)


I had the Steamed Bread with Chayen Dip Set and my choice of drink was Lemongrass Tea.


Kanoom Thai Dessert Cafe - Hot Lemongrass Tea


I like the Hot Lemongrass Tea as it has a nice Lemongrass fragrance which wasn’t overwhelming. It would be perfect if it wasn’t too sweet.


Kanoom Thai Dessert Cafe - Tub Tim Krob (Red Ruby) + Chendol


Kanoom offers about 10 type of Thai Desserts. Some popular selection include the Mango Glutinous Rice, The Red Ruby, Tapioca. I went for the Red Ruby and added Chendol toppings. I was glad that this dessert was with the perfect sweetness suited to my tastebud. It has a light floral hint making it surprisingly refreshing as Kanoom has added Jasmine to the coconut milk. I enjoyed the dessert.


Kanoom Thai Dessert Cafe - Jasmine Pudding


Jasmine Pudding ($4.50) is lightly sweetened with a subtle scent of Jasmine, pretty refreshing. It is surrounded with Red Ruby, White and Black Pearl to enhance the texture. It is certainly a dessert pleasing to all senses.


I was informed by the server that they sourced all of their ingredients from Thailand no wonder it tasted authentic.



NAHMJ Verdict


Kanoom served authentic Thai Desserts at a very reasonable price. So pop by before they start to increase the price.




Kanoom Thai Dessert Cafe

7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-102 Singapore 081007
Tel: +65 9092 1012



Opening Hours


Monday – Thursday, Saturday  1030 to 2000; Friday 1030 to 2200; Closed on Sundays


Getting There



  • North-South Line -Tanjong Pagar station


By Bus:

  • alight at the bus stop either before Wallich Road or after Craig Road   80, 145


Rating: 7/10