Karafuru Dessert Cafe - Yuzu-Cha Parfait, After the pour

Karafuru Desserts Bar – Jalan Klapa, Kampong Glam, Singapore (Closed)

When I spotted Karafuru Dessert Cafe along Jalan Klapa, it was seemingly white. On a closer look, it does has almost every of its furniture white, except the wooden light brown tables and bench. At the first sight, it was a little too overwhelming as light was reflected by the white glossy finishes.


Karafuru Dessert Cafe - Seatings by the Side


The design of Karafuru does carry Japanese feel in the air, extending the theme from the food.


At Karafuru Dessert Cafe, the 2 spotlights in the cafe were Yogurt Parfaits and Eclairs. It offered a total of 6 creations of Yogurt Parfaits at $16 each. A total of 12 Eclair flavours, with 4 alcoholic ones at $7, while non-alcoholic priced at $6. Each Eclair measured about 3 inches.


Each Parfait creation comes with a made in-house original yogurt soft serve accompanied with different ingredients.


Karafuru Dessert Cafe - Yuzu-Cha Parfait


The Yuzu-Cha consisted of yuzu souffle cake, mango pudding, begamot curd, black tea creme anglaise, candied lemon peel and ginger langue de chat. Everything was so light. The strongest in taste among them was the lemon curd.


Karafuru Dessert Cafe - Hanami Parfait


The Hanami is an ensemble of garden of berries. It was assembled with sakura souffle, vanilla pudding, red fruit coulis, cereal crunch, dango, strawberries, raspberries and sakura langue de chat. It is a plate of berries.


Karafuru Dessert Cafe - Matcha Parfait


Matchazuke Parfait was full of matcha indulgence. Beside the yogurt soft serve, there were matcha souffle, vanilla pudding, jasmine creme anglaise, mizu-yokan, dango and matcha langue de chat.


Karafuru Dessert Cafe - Takeaway Box of 6s


The little beauty, Eclairs, were so luring. I decided to get a box of 6 mini size Eclairs, instead of 3s, home for sharing. An “atas” indulgence. (Atas means high class in Malay)


Karafuru Dessert Cafe - My Six Eclairs


From left to right were the Ume Shiso ($7), Sakura Rose ($6), Gianduja ($6), Ichigo Yogurt ($6), Yuzu ($6) and Black Forest ($7)


Karafuru Dessert Cafe - Gianduja


The strongest in taste was the Gianduja, milk chocolate hazelnut creme with candied orange and hazelnut dragee. This was our fave.


Karafuru Dessert Cafe - Eclairs and more Eclairs


The alcoholic eclairs were so good too; Marc de Champagne ($7) and Irish Cream ($7).


Karafuru Dessert Cafe - Marc de Champagne and Irish Cream


There are quite some tea selection as well. The tea is good for only one. I relishes on the tea fragrance even the next few days.


Karafuru Dessert Cafe - Green Tea


At Karafuru, it is a fully self-service cafe, with ordering done at the cashier and collection of food at the counter when your pagar buzzed.



NAHMJ Verdict


The desserts served at Karafuru were very much for the light palate. Each and every ingredients were lightly flavoured, lightly sweet, lightly scented. You need to savour the dessert carefully otherwise you wouldn’t be able to appreciate its content.

For the heavy palate, you may not relish fully or favour over them. Try the Hanami for berries lover, or maybe Gianduja for the Parfait. And for the eclairs, I would opt for Marc de Champagne and Irish Cream and maybe Ume Shiso for the more adventurous.




Karafuru Dessert Bar

8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320
Tel: +65 6291 4430



Opening Hours


Tuesday – Sunday  1300 to 2200; Closed on Mondays


Getting There 



  • East West line – Bugis or Lavender station


By Bus:

  • alight at bus stop at or opposite Stamford Primary School   2, 7, 12, 32, 33, 51, 61, 80, 130, 133, 145, 175, 197
  • alight at Hotel Sultan or at Textile Centre   107, 107M


Rating: 7.5/10