Department of Caffeine, D.O.C at Duxton – Tanjong Pagar, Singapore (Closed)

Whenever I am at Department of Caffeine (D.O.C), I  have my standard order. Without fail, I will order the Buttermilk Waffles with Butter Rum Banana and Vanilla Ice Cream and my drink would be Cappuccino. And whenever I crave for ice cream and waffles, I would think of Department of Caffeine, DOC. [It is now taken over by Ninja Bowl.]


Department of Caffeine, by far, has the best Waffle. The waffle is simply yummy. The waffle has a very nice coating, it is cooked till golden brown, that is why it is crispy. The waffle has a good thickness, so that you will be able to taste the texture of the waffle, soft and fluffy. The waffle has a buttery and vanilla flavour which enhance the fragrance. It has a few slices of banana on top of the waffle. As the banana is cooked, it brings out the full sweetness of the banana. The syrup is heavenly. It goes very well with the waffle. Plus the scoop of the vanilla ice cream, the dish is perfect. If you do not like your waffle to turn soggy, get DOC to serve you with the ice cream separately.


Department of Caffeine Waffles
D.O.C is one of the cafe that serve better coffee, it is not the best though. The cappuccino I ordered, the coffee taste is strong enough and not too milky, otherwise it would have been latte. It is a little too acidic for my liking while the body is heavy enough and it taste pretty sweet because of the milk. I like coffee with heavy body and low acidity. It has beautiful latte art as well.


Department of Caffeine - DOC Cappuccino


I bought my mom to Department of Caffeine once and she ordered a dish that consist of sunny side-up, sauteed mushroom and sausages and with a slice of bread, if I remember correctly it is sour dough. She wasn’t impressed with the food. The sausage skin was chewy. I think they must have microwaved the sausages instead of grilling them. She tried some of my waffles, she felt that it tasted so much better than hers order.


Department of Caffeine - Sausages, Eggs, Mushrooms & Sour Dough


DOC does take reservation. It is advisable to make your reservation if you are going in group of 4 and more.




Department Of Caffeine (D.O.C)

15 Duxton Road Singapore 089481
Tel: +65 6223 3426


Opening Hours


Monday – Friday 1030 to 1900; Saturday – Sunday 0930 to 1900 (Last order at 1800)


Getting There


By Bus:

  • Opp Faithfield Methodist Church along Tanjong Pagar Road – 80, 145;
  • After Kreta Ayer Road, along Neil Road – 61, 166, 197



  • Northeast Line or East-West Line – Outram Park station; North-South Line – Tanjong Pagar

It is more convenient to get to DOC by bus as the walking distance from either MRT station would need as much as 15 min.


Rating: 8.5/10 (for the waffles and coffee)