Bull Terrier in Wittamer Brussels

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this lovely Bull Terrier in Wittamer Brussels. Bull Terrier is a in the terrier family. It has a typical egg-shaped head. They can be both independent and stubborn too. This is usually a large dog that weigh as heavy as 29kg. There is also a minature version, officially […]

Sally Lunn Cafe

Sally Lunn Bun in the City of Spa, Bath

Sally Lunn’s is an old tearoom, famously for its Sally Lunn Bun which is still baked based on the original secret recipe. It is established in Bath, the spa city. Sally Lunn is located in a historic house which is the oldest in Bath. The house also has a kitchen museum. You may wander who is […]

A Faith Tested Trip to Lourdes - Above the Church Door

A Faith Tested Trip to Lourdes

I have heard a lot of good things about Lourdes, about the Lourdes miracles, about the Lourdes water and the pilgrimage experience. I have always wanted to visit this place since then. So when I was going to London last year, I planned for 2 days in Lourdes. I was pretty excited for the trip. Lourdes […]

Morelli Ice Cream Parlour - Ice Cream

Morelli Ice Cream Palour in Harrods, London

We were shopping at Harrods and we came across Morelli Ice Cream Palour. As an ice cream lover, I couldn’t resist the charm of Morelli. It was after our afternoon tea at The Capital and I was still full. I couldn’t resist the charm of ice cream and I still decided to go ahead and have […]

Kapfenberg, Austria, A Quiet Town

Kapfenberg is a small, quiet, self-contained town, southwest of Vennia in Austria. It takes about 5-6 hours to drive from Vienna.   The main attraction is Oberg Kapfenberg. It is a castle, built in 1262. Initially, it was used as resdiential. Eventually, it was used as a fotress. In this attraction, there is also a […]

Afternoon Tea Like the Brit in London, The Capital Hotel

When I was planning for my London trip last year, I was thinking to myself, how can I not have afternoon tea when I am in London. My first choice was to spend an afternoon

Famously Belgian Chocolate in Brussels

Belgium is world famous for its chocolate. There are many world reknown brand. One of my favourite chocolate brand is also from Belgium, Leonidas. When visiting Belgium, one would never want to miss out getting some chocolate for their family friends, and love ones. Moreover, chocolate has lots of health benefits too. A good reason […]

A Dog in Montmarte, Paris

I was in Montmarte when I saw this cute little sight. It was after our visit to Sacre Coeur. As we were getting to the metro station, along the way. And if I remember correctly, I spotted this when we were walking along Rue des 3 Frères.  

Amorino Gelato

Amorino Gelato in Paris

Amorino Gelato has its ice cream scooped in the shaped of a rose. Lovely.   You can order your single scoop in various flavours. I have it as chocolate only. There were over a dozen of flavours to choose from.     There is a small little area for dine-in, if you wish to take a rest from […]

Dinning with the Eiffel Tower View in Paris

I  decided to pamper ourselves when in Paris, so after doing some reserach I decided on Restaurant Ciel de Paris, as if offers dinning with the Eiffel Tower View. I made a reservation at Restaurant Ciel de Paris over their website for lunch on a weekday before we embarked on our trip to Europe. Restaurant Ciel de […]