Cheesy 7 Durian Pizza, Pizza Hut New Flavour

Cheesy 7 Durian Pizza, Pizza Hut New Flavour – Singapore

Pizza Hut celebrates their 10th Cheesiversary with a new Cheesy 7 flavour, the Cheesy 7 Durian Pizza (Cheesy 7D)! When I heard of it, I can’t wait to try as I love Durian.

Cheesy 7 Durian Pizza

The famous Cheesy 7 pizza comprises a blend of 7 cheeses: provolone, mozzarella, gouda, cheddar, monterey jack, romano, parmesan and cream cheese. Topping it off with the ‘Asian Cheese’, Durian, the Cheesy 7D pizza was born.

The initial thought of having both my favourite ingredients, cheese and durian, on pizza sounds weird and unimaginable. Even the smell was so pungent and at the beginning was unpleasant. Once the 2 flavours landed on the tastebud, heavenly was the description. I didn’t stop at one slice but went on for my second serving. We love the Cheesy 7D pizza.

More Durian Items

Fans of Durian rejoice. In addition to the Cheesy 7D Pizza, Pizza Hut will introduce 2 other items with durian on it in late October. First is the Durian Kaya Pull Apart and Durian Kaya Tart. Both items has generous amount of durian sat on luscious aromatic Kaya jam on either toast or tart. These 2 Durian items are thoughtfully crafted by Pizza Hut.

We find both the items a little too sweet if were to indulge in more. However, I am bias since it has Durian on it. I will say go for it.


50% OFF any 2 pizzas for Delivery and 1 for Takeaway! Numerous Meal Deals as well as 40% OFF regular Cheesy 7D pizza with any a la carte mains when you Dine-in.

NAHMJ Verdict

The marriage of 2 pungent food resulted in such a wonderful pleasing flavour with result that is amazing. It was love at first bite. I will return for the Cheesy 7D Pizza.

Pizza Hut

Available at all Pizza Hut outlets