Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant At Amoy Street - Overview of Interior

Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant At Amoy Street – Telok Ayer

Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant, a family-style restaurant, located along Amoy Street, next to Chengdu Restuarant. Specialising in Inaniwa udon, yakitori, sushi and affordable bento sets. Kiyoshi’s main focus is on light and wholesome meal.

Opened in late May, the 80-seater restaurant has a cosy, spacious and contemporary interior, ideal for family gatherings and dinner with friends and loved ones. For those who enjoy watching the chefs skillfully slicing the sashimi and rolling the sushi can choose to sit at the ‘live’ sushi bar,

Bar Counter
Bar Counter

Highlight of Kiyoshi’s Menu

Whet the appetite with Yakitori. A handful of recommended item which I tried. First is the Tsukune ($3++). These homemade chicken meat ball are so delicious and the amount of sauce is just right. Ebi Mentai Yayi ($4++), prawn with mentai mayo is my fave since I like all-things mentai. Others include Yakitori ($2++), tender chicken with perfect amount of Teriyaki Sauce. Lastly, Shishamo ($1.80++), each plump capelin fish is filled with plentiful of roe.

Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant At Amoy Street - Yakitori

Nabemono (Hotpot) was up next. There are 3 soup bases. I had the Shio Tare. The other 2 are the Sukiyaki and Dashi. Next decide on the meat you want. I had the A4 Wagyu ($68++ per person), and the Hokkaido Pork ($48++ per person). Other options are US Beef ($48++ per person) and Tsukune & Sastuma Age ($38++ per person).

Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant At Amoy Street - Nabemono (Hotpot)
Nabemono (Hotpot)
Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant At Amoy Street - Porridge

End the meal with either Rice which you could add to the soup to cook into porridge or complete the meal with Inaniwa Udon. The restaurant recommended the former. I went with the suggestion since I am trying the TEM Chirashi Udon which is a Inaniwa Udon dish.

I would definitely opt for Nabemono on a rainy day.

Kiyoshi is one of the rare restaurant in Singapore to offer the Inaniwa udon. The only one other restaurant I knew of is the now defunct Inaniwa Yosuke. I have fond memory of these thin udon which looks like ramen. Kiyoshi’s version are very chewy and tasty.

Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant At Amoy Street - TEM Chirashi Udon
TEM Chirashi Udon

I was surprised to find the TEM Chirashi Udon ( $16.80++) crowned with only vegetable tempura to be so appetising and delicious since it is a vegetarian dish. Initially, I was skeptical about the taste when I heard the description.

NAHMJ Verdict

Extremely pleased with my lunch at Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant. Quality, tasty food at a reasonable price. I will surely return for the Inaniwa Udon and planning to try their sushi and bento set on my subsequent visit.

Kiyoshi Japanese Restaurant

75 Amoy Street Singapore 069894
Tel: +65 6223 0995


Opening Hours

Mondays – Thursdays 1100 to 1500, 1700 to 2200 | Fridays – Saturdays 1100 to 1500, 1700 to 2230 | Sundays 1700 to 2200

Getting There


  • Downtown line – Telok Ayer station
  • East-West line – Tanjong Pagar station
  • North-South line – Raffles Place station

By Bus:

  • Prudential Tower along Cecil Street  57, 131, 167, 186, 700, 970, 971E (nearest bus stop to Telok Ayer Road)
  • Opp The Ogilvy Ctr along Robinson Road  10, 10e, 70, 75, 97, 100, 107, 128, 130, 162, 196, 196e
  • One Raffles Quay along Shenton Way  10, 10e, 57, 70, 75, 97, 97e, 100, 107, 128, 130, 131, 162, 186, 196, 196e

Rating: 8/10