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Esti Restaurant and Bar In 18th Arrondissement – Paris, France

I am surprised to find Esti Restaurant and Bar in the 18th Arrondissement offering communal dinning to Parisian since most French prefer eating their own portion on their plate. Sharing is an extremely uncommon practice. I remember once I was dinning with a French in a Chinese Restaurant and how he chose to eat. When the Deep-Fried Chicken was served, meant for sharing, he took it to himself. It was amusing there and then. But I could fully understand the action.

The restaurant isn’t in the tourist-populated Montmarte area. It required some navigation from example Sacre Coeur.

From The Menu …

At Etsi, they offer a regular Ala Carte and some daily special. Mainly Mediterranean and Greek dishes. There isn’t set menu.

As I dined alone, I found it extremely challenging to order a variety since all dishes are meant for sharing.

Once I settled down, complimentary olives was served and then bread was served after my order was taken.

My first dish was the Octopus With Hummus. Wonderful tender Octopus with little seasoning and the hummus was filled with burst of umami flavour. The pistachio gave a nice nuttiness and best add was the pomegranate that offered a fruity hint.

Last dish was the Lamb feuillete kind of item. I don’t remember the name though. A much heavier dish with seasoning to the lamb to mask the gamey scent. And the pastry was a little too oily for my liking. Overall was tasty.

NAHMJ Verdict

Esti Restaurant and Bar is good for group dinning. It isn’t advisable to dine alone here.

Esti Restaurant and Bar

23 Rue Eugène Carrière, 75018 Paris, France
Tel: +33 1 71 50 00 80


Opening Hours

Tuesday to Friday 1930 to 0000 | Saturday 1230 to 1430, 1930 to 0000 | Sunday 1200 to 1500

Getting There

By Metro:

Line 12 – Lamarck-Caulaincourt
Line 13 – Guy Môquet

Rating: 7.5/10