Au Gout Du Jour Lille, French Omakase – Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

I chanced upon Au Gout Du Jour Lille in my last trip, December 2018, however, I didn’t manage to make a reservation back then. I was determined to visit this petite establishment when I re-visit Lille. Hence while I was making my March 2019 travel plan, I made a reservation way in advance.

You may wonder why I was so adamant to try them out. Wouldn’t it be just another French Restaurant. This may be true, but what if I tell you they are serving French food in Omakase style?

Omakase is a familiar term when it comes to Japanese food. For French food, this is the first restaurant I know that serve in such a format. On the menu, it indicated the number of courses and the price for diner to decide which is the best set menu. Next inform the service crew of their food allergy. Now wait to be surprised.

I opted for the 3-course consisting of Entree, Main and a dessert or cheese.

After placing my order, I was served a duo cold cut, platter of salami and cheese. Both items were wonderful.

Next was a warm Asparagus Soup. Tasty with a little nutty note and lightly creaminess.

Just before the starter was served, bread was on the table.

Subsequently, starter was served. It was a plate of Smoked Salmon, lightly briny with sourish fruity cream. I didn’t find the cream went well with the smoked fish but I love it on the bread.

I was glad that Fish was served for Main since it was a Friday during Lent. The fillet was fresh with crispy skin with brown sauce that taste a little like Teriyaki (minus the sweetness), sat on a mash. The surprise was from the mash, with a little citrusy but complement the dish perfectly.

Last course was either the dessert or cheese. I chose the former. An Orange dessert was served. Lightly touched orange and orange cream sat on a thin crumble biscuit. Absolutely a delight.

NAHMJ Verdict

I enjoyed every dish served at Au Gout Du Jour Lille though not every dish has a surprised element. Overall, the experience is more than a pleasant one.

Au Gout Du Jour Lille

22 Rue de la Barre, 59800 Lille, France
Tel: +33 3 20 51 23 45


Opening Hours

Tuesday – Saturday 1200 to 1330, 2000 to 2130 | Sunday 1200 to 1330 | Closed on Mondays

Getting There


Rating: 8.5/10