Trivago Versus Hotelscombined.Com Hotel Price Comparison Website

Many may have come to know about two hotel prices comparing websites namely Trivago versus Thanks to their aggressive advertisement on the television. If you have yet heard about them and are clueless about these useful Hotel Price Comparison websites, read on.


In theory, these 2 websites will comb all the available hotel booking websites to find the list of prices and sort them in ascending order in term of price. The objective is to provide the most economical value for the same room category of a particular hotel for the same period. I put them to the test, Trivago versus 


Trivago Versus Hotel Price Comparison Website - Trivago


Trivago Versus Hotel Price Comparison Website -



Hotel Price Comparison


My general questions about such websites are could they find the lowest price and how accurate are the prices reflecteted o their website.


As I have a few weekend trips coming up so I made use of these tools to help me find the lowest price. I am showing the comparison for my London weekend getaway for check-in on 20 January 2018, Saturday and check-out on 21 January 2018, Sunday. The search was carried out on 11 January 2018, Thursday.


Trivago Versus Hotel Price Comparison Website - Trivago vs Hotelscombined.Com Searched Result For Pullman


I narrowed my comparison to only the Pullman London St Pancras Hotel for my one night. The preview of the search results for the 2 websites are above. From a glance, the differences are easily noticeable.


First, my focus was on what’s the lowest search price from each website fetch me. For Trivago, the lowest was from offering S$236 for the Classic Room King Bed. While the lowest at was from at S$214 for Classic Twin Room which is another name for Classic Room King Bed. Both does not include Breakfast.


Next, I clicked into the lowest for respective results. First is the On Trivago, they are showing S$236 and yet on Agoda, it is actually S$230 (without VAT).


Trivago Versus Hotel Price Comparison Website - for Pullman London


Now, I clicked on the lowest at and get to the actual hotel booking website, Prestigia and it is reflecting the same, S$214 (without VAT), disregarding the S$0.27.


Trivago Versus Hotel Price Comparison Website - for Pullman London


I did more verification by clicking into the actual booking website. This time we will take a look at


Trivago Versus Hotel Price Comparison Website - for Pullman London


On, it stated S$255. Checking back our search for the 2 hotel prices comparison websites, Trivago is showing S$276 and is indicating S$230.



NAHMJ Verdict


Despite the difference and inaccuracy of the prices reflected from the Trivago versus war, these hotel price comparison websites are certainly useful references. We would certainly use them but will also click on the top 5 lowest prices to confirm the actual prices from the actual hotel booking websites.