Expedia Promo Codes With ShopBack

Shopping with a discount and a cashback? This is so unbelievable! Who would resist such a good bargain? And it is real. It is happening in Singapore when you shop online with ShopBack. What’s more you find Expedia promo codes with ShopBack.


ShopBack has Expedia as one of its partner, among others. ShopBack offers both promo codes and cashback at the same time to online shoppers. We know that travelling is expensive but we still do it because we enjoyed it. Who wouldn’t like to travel with minimal spending? This is certainly superb news for traveller lovers like myself. Now, I could save more money through ShopBack without going through the hassle of scouting websites over websites for the best deal. Instead, ShopBack will be my one stop shopping for all my travelling needs such as hotels and flight bookings. Traveller lovers, you are in for the treat, the good news is here and is happening at Shopback now.



What is Cashback?


The concept and the term of cashback is new to many in Singapore, including myself. I hardly hear about Cashback except for the credit card promotions. This business model is common in the US and the UK. So what exactly is cashback. In simple term, it is getting ‘cold, hard’ cash back when you shop with Shopback.

What it actually does is that Shopback shares a certain percentage of the commission given to them by the Supplier with the consumers when the sales are transacted successfully.


Expedia Cashback Tier


So when you are shopping at Expedia with Shopback, you will get up to 10% Cashback; 10% cashback for hotels booking, 1% cashback for flights booking and $30 cashback for packages of hotels and flights when booked successfully.



What Promo Deals Offered By Expedia With ShopBack


Some of the Expedia promo deals you could find at ShopBack are very attractive. One could save as much as 60%.

A few example of the promo deals are Last minute deals, Staycation Singapore Deals: Up to 18% off, Hong Kong Hotels: Up to 30% off.


Expedia Promo Deal


More attractive promo deals include, 1/2 Price Hotels, Expedia Daily Deals: Up to 60% off, Bangkok Hotels Up To 60% off


Expedia Promo Codes With ShopBack - Expedia Promo Deal With 1/2 Price Hotels Promo


And of course many more … Get your hands on an Expedia coupon code here.



How It Works?


Now, the key question is how do I enjoy the Expedia promo codes with ShopBack? Below is a video showing how you could start shopping at Expedia with Shopback and start enjoying the good bargain with a cashback.



After watching the video, you can start your travelling spree with ShopBack now!



Who Is ShopBack?


ShopBack is a Singapore startup. It was started in September 2014 by 6 friends. And they have received $1.1 million in seed funding as of March 2015. Even The Straits Times reported on them.


ShopBack has 500 merchants including some international and renown brand under its belt, such as Lazada, TaoBao, Food Panda, Booking.com, just to name a few. Since we’re at the topic of travelling, you can also get various deals from other travel merchants such as a Hotels.com promo code or a Booking.com discount to help you save. Chinese New Year is also around the corner and you can definitely find great deals during the Chinese New Year Promotions. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next trip!



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*Disclaimer: I have been invited to try and review ShopBack.