Swensens’s Introduces 'Price is Right' $10.80 Mains And New Desserts, Diners Stand A Chance to Win Up To $100,000 Cash, Singapore - All 'Price is RIght' Mains

Swensens’s ‘Price is Right’ $10.80 Mains And New Desserts, Diners Stand A Chance to Win Up To $100,000 Cash – Singapore (Ended)

For me, Swensen’s is synonymous with ice cream, particularly a certain mega sundae named Earthquake. Now, Swensen’s has introduced something NEW for us to remember it by- a Swensens’s ‘Price is Right’ section featuring affordable $10.80++ mains and $5.90++ desserts! Also, read on to find out how to win $100,000 cash!



NEW Swensens’s ‘Price is Right’ Menu


The Swensens’s ‘Price is Right’ menu offers a choice of 7 mains (S$10.80++ each) and 3 desserts (S$5.90++) at affordable price.






First up, we tried the Taco Beef Rice. This is not rice in taco but a rice bowl consisting of minced beef in tomato sauce and vegetables served with a piece of tortilla chip. If otherwise, they would have named this Beef Rice Taco right? Overall, I like this dish.



Next, we had their Spaghetti Carbonara. This classic pasta has spaghetti served in an eggy and creamy sauce topped with turkey ham, shiitake mushroms, parmesan and bacon bits. The cream sauce is thick and rich but not overly so. But because I dislike cream based pasta in general, I still find it too jelat and will need to share it. Cream sauce lovers should like this though.



The Reely Good Fish Burger arrived looking really good, with a soft sesame bun that could barely contain the big and thick piece of breaded fish! I like that the buns were soft, the batter thin and fish fillet thick. Sadly, their choice of fish was not to my liking as it had a muddy taste.



Lastly, we went with the Go Green Lasagne. If you are wondering about the name Go Green, it’s so named because this is a meatless lasagne with spinach (green!) and mushrooms in tomato gravy. Of all the mains we had, this was the most disappointing as the pasta sheets in the lasagne were too thick and tasted of undercooked flour. This is such a pity since the homemade tomato sauce was pretty good.


Other Swensens’s ‘Price is Right’ mains include Chick It Out (Breaded fried chicken served with fries), Spaceship Pepperoni Pizza (Bite-sized pepperoni and cheese pizza served with fries) and Shitake Mushroom Salad (Roasted shitake mushroom and lettuce served in a fruity dressing).






When you order of any ‘Price is Right’ main, you can also opt to have a ‘Price is Right’ dessert for only S$4++ (UP S$5.90++). There are 3 desserts in the menu and we chose the Petite Milo Ice Cream Dirt Pot, which is basically the dessert version of the popular ‘Milo Dinosaur’ drink. The presentation is adorable, with Milo ice cream, Milo powder (the “dirt”), half a strawberry (the “flower”) and a toy shovel in a mini flower pot. Taste-wise, it was too Milo-rich for me. But ‘Milo Dinosaur’ fans should like this. I expect this to be popular with kids too.


Other Swensens’s ‘Price is Right’ desserts include Hot Fudge Sundae (Vanilla ice cream with hot fudge) and Strawberry Sundae (Vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce).



New Desserts


We also tried some new desserts at Swensen’s- You’re the Apple of my Pie and Pop Goes the Caramel.



You’re the Apple of my Pie (S$13.80++) is an Apple Crumble Pudding served with vanilla ice cream and custard sauce. I like that Swensen’s uses green apples so the apple slices are not too sweet. However, the pudding was too doughy. I am unlikely to order again.



Pop Goes the Caramel (S$11.80++) is a pretty salted caramel parfait with salted caramel ice cream, sea salt popcorn and caramel sauce. As a salted caramel fan, I was looking forward to this. Unfortunately, it fell short of my expectations. Basically, the only thing I liked was the crunchy sea salt popcorn. Overall, the parfait was too sweet for me and I experienced caramel overdose. Perhaps, this dessert may do better with vanilla ice cream. Some of my fellow diners also felt that this was too salty (maybe because of the popcorn).



‘Eat, Win, Love’ Promotion


Every S$50 spent in a single receipt (takeaway/dine in) at Swensen’s will give you one chance to win S$10,000 cash in August 2017. Undrawn August 2017 entries will be added to September 2017 entries to win the grand prize of S$100,000 cash!


Winners can also help their preferred charity organization secure a donation sum equivalent to their prize money by Swensen’s.


This promotion is valid at all Swensen’s and Earle Swensen’s outlets islandwide but you can DOUBLE your chances at Bugis Junction, Compass One, E!hub@Downtown East, ION Orchard, Plaza Singapura, Sun Plaza, Parkway Parade, The Seletar Mall, Thomson Plaza, West Mall and Westgate!


Promotion ends 30 September 2017 so visit Swensen’s to ‘Eat, Win, Love’ now!


‘Eat, Win, Love’ Promotion Mechanics:

To enter the draw, simply download Swensen’s mobile app then enter the receipt number and date, along with the requested personal information. Good Luck!



NAHMJ Verdict


The new Swensens’s ‘Price is Right’ menu is an attractive option for diners who are watching their budget. However, I will prefer to fork out a little more for Swensen’s regular dishes. Whichever is your preference, dine as much as you can at Swensen’s this two months! Because a total of $110,000 cash is up for grabs!





‘Price is Right’ Menu and ‘Eat, Win, Love’ Promotion is available at all Swensen’s and Earle outlets islandwide in Singapore. Visit their website to locate all the outlets.

Website: http://www.swensens.com.sg/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/SwensensSingapore/


Rating: 6.5/10



*Disclaimer: This was a media invite.

Written by Denise Chua who also blogs at myfoodstory.sg.