Jumbo Seafood ION Orchard, Newly Opened – Orchard, Singapore

Local seafood restaurant has opened a new outlet at ION Orchard, Singapore – Jumbo Seafood ION Orchard is the primary outlet along Singapore’s premium shopping center. Famous for its good quality live seafood, cooked with a Singaporean touch to its dishes. The award winner being; Chilli Crab with golden deep fried bun. Alongside its new opening, […]

Putien Duo Tou Clams Festival 2018 Is Back Again – ION Orchard, Singapore (Ended)

The annual season for Duo Tou clams at Putien (island-wide) is back again. We visited Putien for these golden-shelled succulent shellfish in 2016 and fall in love with them ever since. The best time to enjoy them is from May till August. These fellows are air-flown live from Duo Tou village in Putian China twice […]

Yuan Yuan Man Man at Seoul Yummy Located At Ion Orchard - Seoul Yummy Interior

Yuan Yuan Man Man at Seoul Yummy Located At Ion Orchard – Orchard, Singapore

I heard a lot of good review and feedback on Seoul Yummy, I decided to give a try on this hot place in town. I went to their outlet located at ION orchard where Putien is also located, the modern, bright and colorful design of the restaurant attracts me to go in to explore their […]

Magosaburo Wagyu Dining at Ion Orchard, Value-For Money Beef Lunch Set - Interior, another view

Magosaburo Wagyu Dining at Ion Orchard, Luxury Beef Lunch Set – Orchard, Singapore

Singaporeans love beef and in particular Wagyu Beef. Me too love this meat. So when I spotted Magosaburo Wagyu Dining 燒肉孫三郎 (シンガポール), I was worried and at the same time excited. Excited as they specialise in this meat, however worry that it will cause too much a damage to my pocket. Glad that the latter was […]

Swensens’s Introduces 'Price is Right' $10.80 Mains And New Desserts, Diners Stand A Chance to Win Up To $100,000 Cash, Singapore - All 'Price is RIght' Mains

Swensens’s ‘Price is Right’ $10.80 Mains And New Desserts, Diners Stand A Chance to Win Up To $100,000 Cash – Singapore (Ended)

For me, Swensen’s is synonymous with ice cream, particularly a certain mega sundae named Earthquake. Now, Swensen’s has introduced something NEW for us to remember it by- a Swensens’s ‘Price is Right’ section featuring affordable $10.80++ mains and $5.90++ desserts! Also, read on to find out how to win $100,000 cash!     NEW Swensens’s […]

Putien Clams Festival 2016 Singapore (Ended)

Putien Clams Festival is back. For those who are familiar with the specially imported Clams by Putien would rejoice. The golden-shelled succulent goodness are air-flown from Duo Tou Village in the Fujian province of China. The coastal area of Duo Tou Village is rich in a rare black mud that is rich in nutrients for rearing […]

In Good Company Cafe – Ion Orchard, Singapore

In Good Company Cafe is a cafe in a corner of a boutique with the same brand name at basement 1 of Ion Orchard. The cafe is operated by Plain Vanilla and you will expect to see their fame cupcakes in the cafe.   For those who know where Zara is at Ion Orchard, it […]

Mr Churro Singapore - Kiosk at Ion Orchard Basement 4 Unit 61

Mr Churro Singapore – Ion Orchard (Closed)

Korean products are swarming Singapore, islandwide. With the likes, Churro101, and other Korean Soft Serve, Sweet Monster that invaded Singapore recently, it was followed closely by the popular Korean chain, Mr Churro at Ion Orchard.   Mr Churro is set up as a kiosk at basement 4 where the food kiosks gathered. It is freshly […]

Gyoza-ya - Ion Orchard Restaurant Front

Gyoza-Ya – Ion Orchard Singapore

Many has claimed Gyoza-Ya to serve the best Gyoza in Singapore. With the success of its first outlet at the basement of Robinson, it now has a second at Orchard Ion. Gyoza is the main feature on Gyoza-Ya menu; with some noodles, limited rice, a selective sides and desserts are found on the menu as […]

Wrap & Roll - Exterior

Wrap & Roll, Vietnamese Food, At The Ion Orchard

I was so excited to spot Wrap & Roll at The Ion Orchard recently. And since it was a raining day that day, it was the perfect time for a bowl of hot piping noodle soup. Wrap & Roll is hailed from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and it is a famous chain store serving some of the […]