Fuel By Coffee Bandits - Overview of interior with counter

Fuel Coffee By Coffee Bandits At Henderson – Singapore

Fuel Coffee By Coffee Bandits is a cafe at Henderson Road. Don’t confuse with Fuel Plus. They are not related. If you ever spotted the Coffee Bandits yellow food truck, you will have a better idea who Fuel Coffee is. This prominent yellow food truck travels to different part of the island to provide coffee and takeaway meal.


Now, they are operating a cafe in addition to the Coffee Bandits food truck. Its location is at the industrial ground. It isn’t the most convenient location. Moreover, it is somewhat hidden.


Fuel Coffee By Coffee Bandits - Counter View


Fuel Coffee By Coffee Bandits - Interior


As for its interior design, I would describe it as industrial since lots of medal, wooden crate-like table top and raw finishing.


We visited the cafe twice; once during their soft launch and the other after their official opening. Glad that they have revamped their initial breakfast centric menu but at the same time disappointed. It is such a pity that they took off all breakfast food for weekdays and served them only on weekends. It’s such a drastic change from all to none.



Engines Starters


For starters, some commonly found such as Fries ($7.90), Honey Butter Wings ($7.90) and Mini Caesar Salad ($5.90) and Paprika Popcorn Chicken ($7.90) are available. Dishes that are more unique are the Feta Cheese With Figs and Rockets Tartine ($8.90) and Smoken Salmon and Cream Cheese Tartine ($11.90).


Fuel Coffee By Coffee Bandits At Henderson, Singapore - Honey Butter Wings ($7.90)


Among the selection, we tried only the Honey Butter Wings. Honey was sufficient on some wings. However for those with little honey, the strong savoury marinate dominated the taste profile instead. In addition, the wings were lacking of crispy exterior.



Solid Fuel


Solid Fuel is the Main. On the menu are 12 items with good mixture.


Fuel Coffee By Coffee Bandits - Pulled Pork Taco ($13.90)


Fuel Coffee By Coffee Bandits - Pulled Pork in the Taco


One of the highly recommended and also the very popular dish at Fuel Coffee is the Pulled Pork Taco ($13.90). As always, pulled pork are sweet. We never understand why pulled pork aren’t savoury.


Bandits Burger ($16.90) was the second Solid Fuel at our second attempt. Flavourful Beef patty though loosely packed. Anyhow, it was the shoe-string fries that disappoint. Despite ultra crispy texture, fries were soaked in oil.


Fuel Coffee By Coffee Bandits At Henderson, Singapore - Bandits Burger ($16.90)


Other mains available are the crowd pleaser Fish & Chips ($14.90), Ham and Cheese Croissant ($5.90) and Aglio Olio (Bacon $11.90, Prawn $13.90, Mushroom $11.90); value for money Spring Chicken with Pumpkin Mash ($16.90) and Meatball Stroganoff Fusilli ($12.90). Further 2 salads are available, Caesar Salad ($11.90) and Warm Mushroom Salad ($10.90). Lastly Marinated Mushroom Sandwich ($8.90).


We like the idea of Junior size dishes. 2 selections were provided, Junior Spaghetti & Meatballs ($7.90) and Junior Popcorn Chicken & Fries ($7.90)



Weekend Brunch


The unique Crispy Poached Eggs ($11.90) attracted our attention. We love poached egg and fried stuff. This has the best of both world. As such we thought it is a must try of us.


Fuel Coffee By Coffee Bandits - Crispy Poached Eggs ($11.90)


It was amazing that after cooking twice; once poached, the other fried, the yolk is still runny. An instavideo @NAHMJ instagram to showcase its flow. In short, we love this dish.


The French Toast with Earl Grey Kaya ($8.90) is the other dish attracted our attention.





Since Coffee Bandit started because of coffee, likewise at Fuel Coffee, coffee is available. Both hot and cold espresso drinks are on the menu.


Fuel Coffee By Coffee Bandits - Cappuccino ($4.90)


Cappuccino ($4.90) was nutty with low acidity.


Fuel Coffee By Coffee Bandits - Ice Green Tea Latte ($6)


Other non-coffee drinks include the Hot ($5.40) or Ice Green Tea Latte ($6). We thought well of this drink. The green tea was strong enough to savour and it wasn’t overly milky. It was a well balanced cup.


Fuel Coffee By Coffee Bandits At Henderson, Singapore - Honey Lemon ($4.90)


The Honey Lemon ($4.90) is also on the menu too. Though nothing interesting, it was a rare find on cafe menu.


Should sweet tooth out there are looking for dessert, selection at Fuel Coffee is limited to Gelato ($4), Raspberry Cheesecake ($4.90) and Waffle with Caramelised Banana & Gelato ($9.90)



NAHMJ Verdict


Selection at Fuel Coffee By Coffee Bandits is comprehensive but a pity they eliminated the breakfast items from weekday. We are glad to spot some dishes done with a twist.




Fuel Coffee By Coffee Bandits

213 Henderson Road #01-05, Singapore 159553
Tel: +65 9066 1485



Opening Hours


Monday – Saturday  0900 to 1500 (Food is available from 1100 on weekdays and 0900 on weekends)


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight before or after Bukit Merah Central along Henderson Road   57, 145, 175, 176, 272, 273


Rating: 7/10