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Burp Kitchen And Bar – Bedok Reservoir, Singapore

Within a stone throw from the serene lushy Bedok Reservoir is home to a modest cafe, the Burp Kitchen And Bar. It isn’t close to any MRT station (as in within walking distance) though several bus routes serve the area. Fortunately, the area is surrounded with residential in Bedok and the close by Tampines. And perhaps after an evening walk around the reservoir, one could pop by to chillout at Burp Kitchen And Bar.


The cafe is basically dressed in brown shade and warm lighting with a L-shaped area housing the dining area and bar. Both bar tables and normal dinning tables are available for diners to choose from. Nothing fanciful in the cafe with minimalist.


Burp Kitchen And Bar - Facade


Burp Kitchen And Bar - Interior


At Burp Kitchen And Bar since alcohol is served, Bar Grub is certainly essential. To complement the Bar Grub selection, burgers and Tacos were added to the menu. As all cafe, Brunch selection is not be to missing from the menu too. As such, it is offered. The food served are mainly Mexican with some touch of American and Filipino.



Bar Grub


First, we started with 4 Bar Grubs. There are 6 other Bar Grub as selection. We kick-off the dinner with Salted Egg Tofu Fries ($8). Generous amount of salted egg sauce was layered over the made in-house Tofu Fries. Personally, I didn’t enjoy the dish as I didn’t find Tofu and salted egg complemented well. In addition, it is quite salty. And moreover, Tofu isn’t quite my kind of food.


Burp Kitchen And Bar - Salted Egg Tofu Fries ($8)


Burp Kitchen And Bar - Tofu Fries with Wasabi ($8)


As an alternative, diner could opt for Wasabi sauce instead. This is one of the 3 vegetarian Bar Grub. The other 2 being Flavoured Popcorn ($6) and Tortilla Corn Chips ($7).


One of the common bar snack, is the chicken Wings. At Burp Kitchen And Bar, 3 options were provided; Burp Kitchen Wings ($10), Salted Egg Wings ($14) and Spicy Buffalo Wings ($14). We tried 2 out of the 3. Good good news to lessen once guilt while indulging; the Chicken Wings are Air Fry.


Burp Kitchen And Bar - Burp Chicken Wings ($10)


Burp Chicken Wings ($10) uses the special Philippines Adobo sauce giving it a tangy and sweet flavour. It is certainly great to wash it down with some beer. A pity the flavouring did not get beyond the skin, hence the chicken flesh was rather bland.


Burp Kitchen And Bar - Salted Egg Wings ($14)


With the salted egg craze hitting our shore, salted egg sauce on wings are also available at Burp Kitchen And Bar. Using the same salted egg sauce that was used for the Tofu Fries, the Salted Egg Wings ($14) was born.


Burp Kitchen And Bar - Chicken Quesadilla ($9)


The last Bar Grub of the night was the Chicken Quesadilla ($9). A tortilla warp filled with Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese and slowed cooked shredded chicken making it a rich cheesy dish. It will be a hit among cheese lovers. Most of us savoured mainly the cheese and didn’t even realise the chicken was in it.


Other selections of Bar Grub include the Nachos ($11) in either BBQ Pulled Pork or Beef Chilli and Sausage Fest ($14).





Burgers easily find favour with most. I am one who likes my burgers. 6 creations of burgers are offered at Burp Kitchen And Bar. We tried 2 out of 6.


Burp Kitchen And Bar - Burp's Beef Burger ($16)


First and foremost, the Burp’s Beef Burger ($16). When the burger was served to the table, immediately, I could smell the dou miao (a vegetable that I like a lot). I thought this was a creative great idea. The beef patty was well marinated and fresh. Brioche bun was as fluffy as it should be. I enjoyed the totality of the taste profile. But I suspect some may not quite enjoy it with the pea sprout as it gives off a raw green taste, though, this is what I enjoy. Acquired taste, I suppose.


Burp Kitchen And Bar - Crabby Patty Burger ($18)


The Crabby Patty Burger ($18) is with an entire fried soft shell crab. You could figure it out from the obvious shape. It is sandwiched with, again the salted egg, lettuce in between a squid ink bun which I mistaken it as a charcoal bun. I was glad the bun didn’t result in any strong seafood flavour and it is fluffy.


Burp is also very considerate towards vegetarian, you will find The Vegetarian Burger ($10) on its menu too. The remaining 3 non-vegetarian options are Chicken Rendang Burger ($12), Curried Pork Burger ($14) and Ultimate Burp Burger ($20).





Finally, the last (but not least) dish of the night, presenting the Tacos. 6 dishes to choose from, namely, Citrus & Miso Tofu ($10) a vegetarian dish. The rest of the choices were Baja Fish, Pork Carnitas, Mother Clucker, Grilled Shrimp and Beef Bulgogi, all priced at $12. All Taco dishes come in 2 servings of 6″ tacos and corn chips.


Burp Kitchen And Bar - Baja Fish Tacos ($12)


Baja Fish Tacos ($12) has battered fish, coleslaw, salsa fresca with spicy mayo on the 6″ wrap. Most of us like the fish as it was lightly battered and not overly flavoured.


Burp Kitchen And Bar - Pork Carnitas Tacos ($12)


Pork Carnitas Tacos ($12) is with the slow cooked BBQ pulled pork. The rest of the ingredients are the same as the Baja Fish Tacos. The distinct taste of this dish is sweet. The flavour reminded me of the narcissus brand canned food, Spiced Pork Cubes.


At this tasting, we tried none of the 11 dishes under the Brunch selection.



NAHMJ Verdict


Generally, NAHMJ felt that the food served at Burp Kitchen are all right but it is certainly too salty. What I truly appreciate about Burp Kitchen And Bar is the thoughtfulness by providing Vegetarian options at all categories of their menu.




Burp Kitchen And Bar 

Block 740 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-3165, Singapore 470740
Tel: +65 9711 9030




Opening Hours


Monday  1700 to 0000; Tuesday – Friday  1200 to 0000; Saturday – Sunday  1100 to 0000


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight at Blk 745 or Blk 753 along Bedok Reservior – 5, 21, 22, 59, 65, 66, 228, 506, CT18


Rating: 7/10



Disclaimer: This was a media invite by Openrice.