Krakakoa Chocolate Asia’s Aphrodisiac – Singapore

I felt lucky when I first heard of the news about a new Asia chocolate maker. I was a little surprised? It is Krakakoa Chocolate.


Famous brands such as Lindt, Spugli (Switzerland), Ghirardeli, Hershey’s (USA), Ferrero Racher, Thorntons (England) and Godiva and Guylian (Belgium) dominate the Asia Chocolate scene. With Krakakoa entries, it might be a game changer.


Krakokoa Chocolate Asia’s Aphrodisiac, Singapore - Overview of Chocolate Raw Material


Krakakoa Chocolate (formerly known as Kakoa) is from Indonesia. They pride themselves on an important mission, a “Farmers to Bar Mission”.   The locally grew cocoa beans promises the goodness of organic chocolate. To top it off, they inject a flare and taste of what Asia can offer.


Krakokoa Chocolate Asia’s Aphrodisiac, Singapore - Cocoa Beans, Nibs and Flakes


The event kicked off with presentation raw cocoa beans, nibs and flakes. Mind you, instead of focusing on the presentation, these magical chocolate stole my attention while I responded with “So this is how they really look like…”. These chocolate relentlessly gave off the aroma that filled my senses.


Krakokoa Chocolate Asia’s Aphrodisiac, Singapore - Chocolate samples


Next, the star of the show, CHOCOLATE!  4 flavors with selection of Sea Salt and Pepper, Cinnamon, Creamy Coffee and Chili. The added flavor carries a distinctive statement to the overall combination. Personally, my favorite lies with the Creamy Coffee flavor.  Appreciating the caffeine with the momentary bliss of melting chocolate on the tongue cum the sweet inviting taste can never be better!


Krakokoa Chocolate Asia’s Aphrodisiac, Singapore - Chocolate Nibs samples


Krakokoa Chocolate Asia’s Aphrodisiac, Singapore - Chocolate Nibs Coconuts & Cashews


Next on the plate are nibs. Krakakoa expands their product range outside of solid chocolate bar. They crafted chocolate with carefully selected nuts and spices. Intending to bring the enjoyment of chocolate consummation to something playful. I especially adore the Coconut and Cashew Nibs. These crunchy bites mix with the rich dark chocolate is such a perfect combination.


Krakokoa Chocolate Asia’s Aphrodisiac, Singapore - Chocolate coated chicken


Followed by a cleverly crafted dish in partnership with Selfish Gene Café. This dish serves with breaded fried chicken and generously coated Krakakoa dark chocolate. Lastly, it was topped off with the zesty grounded orange peels and grassy coriander. Who would have thought this combination? It delivers the sweet taste of chocolate with a slight hint of citrus. And the best part; it meets my primeval need for eating meat. One stone hints two birds (No punt intended). Kudos to Chef Gene for this dish and I think it would be a great add onto Selfish Gene menu.


Krakokoa Chocolate Asia’s Aphrodisiac, Singapore - Goodies Jar


I lost my will for going on a diet. I love it~





NAHMJ Verdict


Constantly surprised by Krakakoa Chocolate throughout the night by their unique combination that were beyond imagination. Gorgeous flavor were in their organic chocolate. We see the endless possibility of what that Krakakoa Chocolate can do with chocolate.




Krakakoa Chocolate


More Details to be revealed soon … Keep Watch this space.