Romanian Brunch By Ro Dishes - At Lee Tai Fu Restaurant, View of the Counter

Sunday Romanian Brunch By Ro Dishes

I was so excited when I received an invitation from Vlad, the owner of Ro Dishes, for a Sunday Romanian Brunch. I have never, so far been, exposed to Romanian Dishes. As such I have no expectation.


When the day arrived, as I was on my way, it was a raining day. A usual in December that was a wet day. I kept saying to myself, if I knew it was going to rain, I should have refused the invitation. But I was glad I accepted nonetheless.


Romanian Brunch By Ro Dishes - At Lee Tai Fu Restaurant


The Lunch was held at Lee Tai Fu Restaurant. A restaurant filled with cups and toys of the 80s to the 90s. A good way to reminiscence the good old days.


Romanian Brunch By Ro Dishes - Romanian Brunch Menu


A 3-course Sunday Romanian Brunch By Ro Dishes was served at $25 per person. Drinks weren’t included. There were 2 sessions. First session started from 11 am, while the second session at 1 pm. I attended the 1 pm session.



3 Course Sunday Romanian Brunch By Ro Dishes


The appetizer served at the Sunday Romanian Brunch By Ro Dishes was 4 spreads on sourdough. The sourdough was made with love by Woodland Sourdough, a home bakery.


The 4 types of spread served were Eggplant in Tomato Based with Indonesian Spice, Shitake Mushroom in Tomato Based with Indonesian Spice, Eggplant Salad and Beef Salad. All the spread were served cold.


Romanian Brunch By Ro Dishes - Appertizer, 4 types of Spread


As Vlad’s wife is Indonesian, his mother-in-law specially made some special chilli to go along with the dishes. It was very much welcome by the locals. I enjoyed it as well.


My chat with Vlad’s wife and I came to appreciate how versatile the spread are. You could heat it up and serve it with pasta or have it with rice. With all your creative juice, you could come up with some innovative dishes using these spread.



The main served was an Omelette in Romanian style, sat on a sourdough from Woodlands Sourdough Bakery. Bits of pork belly was added into the omelette.


Romanian Brunch By Ro Dishes - Entree, Omelette in Romanian Style, assorted sausages and Sheep Cheese


By its side were sausages, pepperoni and sheep cheese. I enjoyed the plate as those were all my favourite food on it. No complaint, though it was simple with no cooking technicality involved, I am still contented.



Coming to dessert were three types of Romanian Cookies served. These cookies were shipped from Romania.


Romanian Brunch By Ro Dishes - Dessert, Romanian Cookies


Romanian Cookies aren’t buttery at all. In fact, pretty light and a little doughy. It has some kind of spice added into them. First bite was like ok, this is how Romanian Cookies tasted like. Second bite was like, not too bad and then somehow I thought I like it. So I suppose, acquired taste.



NAHMJ Verdict


If you are adventurous and like trying out new cuisine, you should give it a try at the next Romanian Brunch when Ro Dishes organises them. Follow them at their FB page for the update.


All the food served at the Brunch were sold at Ro Dishes. If interested, you could visit Ro Dishes FB page.


For cheese lovers, personally, I am one, I would go for its Sheep Cheese.



Who is Ro Dishes?


Ro Dishes established in 2013 is a small and young start-up in the food industry. The company produces vegetable spreads that combine Romanian dishes with carefully selected exotic South-East Asian spices.

They started selling their products at major farmers’ markets in Singapore. As their customers’ response was very encouraging, they have started selling the products directly to restaurants as well. And now, they have their first Sunday Romanian Brunch.




Sunday Romanian Brunch By Ro Dishes

Sold at Farmer’s Market. For more details, follow their FB page
Tel: +65 9753 5053