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Non Entree Desserts Cafe – Farrer Park, Singapore

Non Entree Desserts has taken over Woodshed. Somehow, I couldn’t help but lament on the many changes within a short period in Rangoon Road. The other was Icebox Cafe taken over the Property Cafe. Icebox Cafe is equally exciting with the Over The Top Milkshake. It maybe for the better since more exciting options exist. On the same token, it certainly bring about keen competition to the area. Great for cafe-hoppers but bad for cafe owners.


Non Entree Dessert - People Watching Bar Seats


Non Entree Dessert - Dinning Area


Non Entree Desserts has chosen a bring sunshine yellow as the main colour theme. And with some mix-and-match furniture in the dining area too. You could find some cushy 80s looking kind of sofa and the normal tables in the area. At the very least the colour theme of the furniture is pretty considerably brown of various tones.


Non Entree Dessert - Counter


Orders are at the counter while food and drinks were served. And they charged service charge too. As such, my friend would complain about the need for self order at counter since service charge was implemented at the cafe. She would expect a full service from order to billing by the cafe.


Non Entree Dessert - Menu


Non Entree Desserts Cafe is yet another cafe to offer the plated desserts. A total of 7 plated creations with some selections of cakes and pastries too. Looks like the plated desserts may be here to stay for some time or rather up and coming. This is the 2nd cafe offering plated desserts as their specialites, after Selfish Genes Patisserie.


Non Entree Dessert - Tropicana


Among the 7 choices, I would like to try them all. First, the Tropicana ($15.90++) consisting of coconut mousse topped with pineapple chutney, coconut meringue and coconut crisps, paired with a scoop of Mascarpone Lime Sorbet. On the plate were some passionfruit coulis and coconut crisps, flower petals and greens to decorate the dish. I was informed by the server that I need to consume all ingredients together. Indeed, having it in this manner work best.


Non Entree Dessert - Cherry Pop


Cherry Pop ($13.90++) has a large Dark Chocolate “Cherry” encapsulated with Bols Kirsch & mascarpone form, earl grey jelly, marinated cherry compote, spicy cherry sorbet sat on a flourless sponge with chocolate soil and pink petals scattered around it.


A video below capturing my Cherry Pop “popping”.



One of a very cute dessert offered at the cafe is the Rubber Ducky ($12.90). As the name suggested, you could see a rubber ducky shaped mango pudding swimming in a “bath foam” which is a lemongrass cloud. And sago is hidden within the cloud. The entire taste is similar to the Hong Kong dessert version of Mango Sago Dessert.


Non Entree Desserts - Rubber Ducky ($12.90)


One of the hot favourite at Non Entree Desserts cafe is the Chocolate Avalanche ($13.90). The Valrhona Chocolate is hidden in the cake above with an orange infused chocolate vanilla ice cream at the bottom waiting to receive the chocolate lava. This is my fave dessert at Non Entree Desserts.


Non Entree Desserts - Chocolate Avalanche ($13.90)


Non Entree Desserts - Matcha Avalanche ($13.90)


Non Entree Desserts has recently introduced the Matcha Avalanche ($13.90). It has a good sense of Matcha and it was mixed with red bean in the matcha lava. An scoop of Houjicha ice cream is in the glass that complemented all the ingredients.


If you prefer some of the more classics desserts such as gelato and cakes, both were also offered at Non Entree Desserts.


Non Entree Dessert - Gelato


We tried only one of the cake, La Rose ($8.90) among the displayed. A nice cake with rose flavour.


Non Entree Desserts - La Rose ($8.90)


Non Entree Desserts - La Rose inner layers



NAHMJ Verdict


Personally, I felt Non-Entree Desserts is pretty exciting. Providing a good range of desserts to the area.




Non Entree Desserts

204 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218451
Tel: +65


Opening Hours


Tuesday – Thursday  1230 to 2200; Friday  1230 to 2300; Saturday  1100 to 2300; Sunday  1100 to 2200; Closed on Mondays


Getting There



  • Northeast line – Farrer Park (Exit B)


By Bus:

  • alight at Kentis Lodge along Rangoon Road – 131


Rating: 8/10

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  1. came here today but was utterly disappointed! our orders came after the family who ordered after us. when asked to check, we were told that it’s fm a different kitchen, how can two iced teas come from different kitchen???

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