Melt - Fine Artisan Bakes - Pop Up Stall at Night Festival 2015, SMU Campus Green

Melt – Fine Artisan Bakes – Singapore

Melt, a Fine Artisan Bakes, specialises in baking Buttery Cookies in various flavours. I didn’t know Melt existed until my first encounter with them at the Night Festival 2015. Melt set up a pop-up stall at the SMU Campus Green, offerring its bakes delights. We spotted them and as a Cookies lovers, we popped over to sample the treats.


Melt - Fine Artisan Bakes - Some of their bakes


The first we tried was Salted Caramel since it was already nicely laid on the table. And we were wowed by the bite-sized pinwheel shaped delicacy. We also sampled the Buttery Pinwheels and the Citrus Zest. But still inclined to the taste of the Salted Caramel.


Melt - Fine Artisan Bakes - Menu


Melt also offer some biscuits with Low GI, suitable for the diabetic with Butter, Coffee and Cinnamon flavours. Not as much as the normal biscuits but at least there are choices.


Melt biscuits came in two sizes; either the snack pack or the tubs (200g).


Melt Fine Artisan Bakes - Salted Caramel Cookies


The bonne bouche were so addictive. I just couldn’t stop after the first biscuit. These biscuit reminded me of the Hong Kong Teddy Bear biscuits from Jenny Bakery. It has similar taste and texture. So for those who are craving for the them, this is great news. You no longer are required to travel all the way to Hong Kong to lug back the heavy tin of cookies. Unless, you are there for the biscuit tins. That’s a different story all together.


If you are interested to get some for yourself, there are a total of 10 locations where the Melt biscuits are sold. Click here to find out the locations. And I shall pop by one of the store to get some of its Cappuccino and Chocolate Milo next.





Melt – Fine Artisan Bakes

Sold at 10 locations, click here to find out where to buy.