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My Sister Bakes – MacPherson, Singapore

My Sister Bakes is a humble looking shop located at Block 81 of Macpherson residential estate. It started as an online home bakey before getting a shop as its bakery. I have wanted to pop by to try their cake ever since I spotted them on instagram, when their shop was under renovation. But never find the time and chance till the Saturday.


When they first started at MacPherson where they now are, was as a cafe. Then moved on to focus as a bake studio. And now, they retail the sliced cake and some other bakes only on weekends. (I didn’t know about it until I my impromptu popped by.)


My Sister Bakes - Counter


The speciality at My Sister Bakes is the Butter Cakes, with a main focus on customising cakes for all occassions and even the gorgeous dessert tables too. And they conduct cake decoration workshops too. All cakes come in sizes 6″, 8″, 9″ and 12″.


My Sister Bakes - Available Cakes on display


The name My Sister Bakes was chosen as Esther, the baker, started her baking back in Melbourne and from then her love for baking developed and she is non-stoppable. She explore new recipes and her siblings were her guniea pigs for the taste test.


On the day of my visit, a Saturday in February, 7 cakes and 3 tarts were available. The 7 cakes were After eight, Choc chips, Classic chocolate, Earl GreyMatcha, Milo Dino and Red velvet nutella; while the 3 tarts were
Chocolate banana tart, Chocolate cookie butter tart and Yogurberry choco tart.


My Sister Bakes - Earl Grey Lavender Cake


I decided to get a sliced of cake and a tart to try them out and see how they fare. I went for the Earl Grey Cake. What I like about this cake is the dense but yet soft cake with thin layer of butter cream, not too cloying sweet. It has a good enough Earl Grey scent. Personally, I find it just nice though I wouldn’t mind it stronger.


My Sister Bakes - Yogurberry Choco Tart


Among the 3 tarts available, I though Yogurberry Choco Tart sounded unique. The tart has chocolate and strawberry in the biscuit tart and topped with yogurt like cream and biscuit crumbs, drizzled with chocolate sauce. I like the combination.



NAHMJ Verdict


My Sister Bakes cakes are not only a feast to the eyes but certainly to the tastebuds too. A pity one could only get their hands on the slices over the weekends. But I suppose good things are worth waiting for.




My Sister Bakes

81 macpherson lane, #01-55, Singapore 360081
Tel: +65 8869 4842



Opening Hours


Saturday – Sunday  1200 to 1600 or By Appointment.


Getting There



  • Circle line – Tai Sen station


By Bus:

  • alight at MacPherson Green Condo along MacPherson Road   8, 62, 90, 151
  • alight bef Davidson Road along MacPherson Road   8, 62, 90, 151


Rating: 7/10

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