Richmond Station Cafe - Interior

Richmond Station Cafe – Bali Lane, Bugis, Singapore (Closed)

This Richmond Station is a cafe in Singapore, situated at Bali Lane where cafes congregate. If I remember correctly, it took over the space where Royz et Vous Specialty Coffee previously occupied.


Richmond Station Cafe - Front


The cafe is dressed with London in mind with wall paintings of some UK icons.


Richmond Station Cafe - By a Side


There are quite some cushioned seats. You can find both indoors and outdoors seating in Richmond Station. And they offer complimentary Wifi.



Richmond Cafe has more pastries and cakes and breakfast items. Together, it occupied half the menu. All its bakes are made in-house. Since it is a UK inspired cafe, you will find some dishes like the crumpets under the All Day Breakfast section. Hyde & Co has also tried to introduce the crumpets to Singapore when they first started.


Richmond Station Cafe - Savoury Muffin (Bacon and Chive)


It is one of the rare cafe to offer Savoury Muffin composing of Turkey Bacon and Chive. I am very keen to try this at my next visit.

Other than that, there are 4 pastas with one vegetarian choice. Others are snacks like fries, potato wedges and Masala chicken and salads. While the Mains are only available after 5 which consist of 2 burger selection and salmon dish.



I was at the cafe during lunch so Mains was out. I was recommended the Crab Benedict and the Zesty Crab Angel Hair Pasta. I went with the latter.


Richmond Station Cafe - Zesty Crab Angel Hair Pasta


This pasta dish when served I thought it might be pretty tasteless. In the pasta, there’s of course crab meat, hidden in the pasta, garlic chilli padi and with spring onions sprinkled on the top. I asked for low spice level. If you like it hot and fiery, this is possible as well. Simply, state your request with the friendly crew.

The taste reminded me of the Stirred Fried Egg Noodles that my Mom fried but with stronger peppery taste. It is so fusion. My only complaint, it was a little too salty for me.


Cakes and Pastries

I always love Banana Bread so no way I am going off without trying it. It was served toasted with butter. It was moist with tonnes of walnut and I could spot the mushy banana pieces and it has a hint of brininess.


Richmond Station Cafe - Banana Bread


The Lemon Drizzle looks so inviting. I got home a slice home to share.


Richmond Station Cafe - Lemon Drizzle


Both the Banana Bread and the Lemon Drizzle are the most popular items at Richmond Station.



Coffee is low acidity, medium to low body with a strong nutty, chocolaty flavour note and a hint of tea flavour. It was decent.


Richmond Station Cafe - Cappuccino


On the saucer was a in-house baked butter cookies, light and buttery.



Food wasn’t bad, neither it was outstanding. I would rate it as above average. I was expecting a little more than what they are currently offered. Richmond Station, at least for now, is a cafe more for your afternoon tea with cakes and pastries over a cup of tea or coffee.



Richmond Station Cafe

17 Bali Lane Singapore 189853
Tel: +65 6291 4170



Opening Hours


Daily 0900 till dinner (tentative)


Getting There



  • Downtown line or East West line – Bugis station


By Bus:

  • alight at or opposite Plaza Parkroyal along Beach Road  100, 107, 107M, 961, 980
  • alight before Sultan Mosque along North Bridge Road  7, 32, 51, 61, 63, 80, 145, 175, 197
  • alight at bus stop near Bali Lane, along Ophir Road  48


Rating: 6.5/10