Crown Bakery & Cafe - Bread and Pastries Displayed

Crown Bakery & Cafe At Crown Centre Bukit Timah

Crown Bakery & Cafe is a collaboration between Far East Flora and Japanese bakery Signifiant Signifie. Ever since it opens its door in late April, it has been attracting crowd. I must find out how good the bread and pastries were for myself.


Crown Bakery & Cafe - Order Counter
Order Counter


When I saw the name (without the address), Crown Bakery & Cafe, I kind of suspected that it will be located at Crown Centre at Bukit Timah. And I was right.

Crown Bakery & Cafe offers a range of naturally fermented bread. And they pride themselves against no additional colourings, flavourings, chemical and preservatives. Since it is both a bakery and cafe, it offers both dine-in and takeaway options.

There are few indoor seating, which I prefer. Mainly were outdoors. I like the colour theme of the cafe; very soothing.

They offer three selections on their Brunch Menu; Crown’s Breakfast, The Queen’s Eggs Ben and Earl Pear Bread Budding. The cafe also offer waffles as part of their menu.


Crown Bakery & Cafe - Brunch Menu
Brunch Menu


Though the menu was small, I was alone at Crown Bakery & Cafe so I couldn’t order all for trying. I wish I could.


Earl Pear Bread Pudding

I limited myself to the Earl Pear Bread Pudding. The serving was considerably small. It would be a good choice of dessert for sharing after the mains.


Crown Bakery & Cafe - Earl Pear Bread Pudding


The Bread Pudding has a nice cinnamon fragrance, slight Earl Grey flavour (I wish it was stronger) and creamy pudding with slight crispy and yet fluffy bread.



I paired it off with Cappuccino. The coffee was decent. It was a cup of medium body and low acidity cuppa. Some spice and tea flavour was noted.


Crown Bakery & Cafe - Cappuccino


After my lunch, I can’t have enough of Crown Bakery & Cafe bake. So I decided to get more home for sharing. As everything on the shelves look so attractive. I ended up getting more than enough for the family.


Earl Grey Cashew Brioche, Choco Berry Imperial Seal, 27-Layer Croissant

I am attracted to anything that uses Earl Grey as an ingredient. So I got the Earl G Cashew Brioche


Crown Bakery & Cafe - Earl Grey Cashew Brioche, Choco Berry Imperial Seal, 27-Layer Croissant
Earl Grey Cashew Brioche, Choco Berry Imperial Seal, 27-Layer Croissant


When I saw the Choco Berry Imperial Seal, it reminded me of the Cube from Asanoya Bakery. And I got one to try too.

The croissant was termed 27-Layer Croissant, this got me curious.

All were good.


Hainanese Chicken Bread

The Hainanese Chicken Bread is the Crown Bakery & Cafe Signature item. Lots of ingredients from chicken soup to chicken thigh to garlic to shallots were added.


Crown Bakery & Cafe - Hainanese Chicken Bread
Hainanese Chicken Bread


The taste was indeed fragrance and bread was soft and fluffy with a crispy crust. It was a shame that the chicken meat in the bread were too tough.

Interestingly, there was a Chicken Rice Chilli dip. Dipping the bread into the chilli provides another experience.



I was so excited to spot my favourite Olive bread, Three Olive Ciabata.


Crown Bakery & Cafe - Three Olive Ciabata
Three Olive Ciabata


I got a Three Cheese Ciabata home too.


Crown Bakery & Cafe - Three Cheese Ciabata
Three Cheese Ciabata


The ciabata was chewy with a crusty outer which we enjoyed.


Knights of the Round Table

This is a fluffy dark chocolate bread. It was full of chocolate goodness.


Knights of the Round Table
Knights of the Round Table


It is no doubt a great choice for chocolate bread lovers.


After trying so many of their products, indeed, every crumb soul good.



Crown Bakery & Cafe

557 Bukit Timah Road #01-03 Crown Centre Singapore 269694
Tel: +65 6463 3066



Opening Hours


Daily 0730 to 2130


Getting There



  • Circle or Downtown line – Botanical Gardens


By Bus:

  • alight bef Crown Centre or opp Coronation Plaza along Bukit Timah Road   66, 67, 74, 151, 154, 156, 157, 170, 171, 174, 852, 961


Rating: 8/10