Coast and Company - My Order, Cappuccino & Beef Rendang Hotdog

Coast and Company, A Bicycle and Coffee Love Affairs – Siglap, Singapore (Closed)

On the weekend, I decided to check out the other bicycle cafe at Siglap, Coast and Company. Within a week, I visited two cafe with the bicycle as the focus.


Coast and Company - Signage


The first was Wheeler’s Yard and I have written a post on it. Both are equally cool.


Coast and Company - Outside of Cafe


Getting to Coast and Company could be quite a challenge to those who don’t drive as it is not very accessible.


Coast and Company - Side of Cafe


Though this is the case, the cafe was very crowded. There were 5 groups / pairs in front of me waiting for their seats.


Coast and Company - Cafe Interior


The entire cafe is rather “raw” with only mainly, cemented walls and floor for both the interior and outside walls of the cafe. Even the counter has it cemented. The look is very industrial. It is sleek and simple. I quite like the design. Unlike its competitor, Wheeler’s Yard, it doesn’t place the bicycle as a key decoration element throughout the cafe. Coast and Company is very thoughtful towards the bicycle riders, providing some bicycles’ stand outside the cafe for the riders to “park” their bicycle so that they could enjoy themselves in the cafe.


Coast and Company - Food Menu


The menu was pretty simple, a few mains and some beverages.


Coast and Company - Beverage Menu


I was curious to try the Beef Rendang Hotdog. The description on the menu was “Hotdog bun, Pork sausage, Beef Rendang, diced Onions, Coriander Leaves, Honey Dijon Potato Chips“. Sounds intriguing, isn’t it? And I ordered the Beef Rendang Hotdog with my all-time favourite coffee.


Coast and Company - My Order, Beef Redang Hotdog


The beef Rendang Hotdog serving was pretty huge. The sausage was pretty delicious but I find that it didn’t go very well with the Beef Rendang. The Beef Rendang did not taste very much like Rendang but more like curry minced beef. It wasn’t cooked the traditional way. I think it will taste better if they paired it with the traditional Beef Rendang to the dish. The Hotdog Bun was soft, fluffy and slighlty sweetish. I love the Honey Dijon Potato Chips. They were very addictive. Overall, the dish was innovative and there is certainly room for improvement.


Coast and Cycles - My order, Cappuccino


The coffee was pretty good. It has a medium to low body with medium acidity and some notes of berry.


Coast and Company - Coffee Beans Menu


Overall, I have a pretty decent experience with Coast and Company. The cafe is pretty comfy serving nice coffee and above average food, but I don’t think I will make a trip there unless I am in the vicinity as it is really not very accessible.




Coast and Company

54 Siglap Drive Singapore 456176
Tel: +65 6448 7608



Opening Hours


Tuesday – Thursday 0900 to 1900; Friday – Sunday 0900 to 1900; Closed on Monday


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight before Carlton Avenue along Siglap Drive – 42



  • East-West line – Kembangan station


Rating: 7.5/10