Morning Of Mongkok Hong Kong In June 2014

I woke up and have a quick breakfast so I thought of walking around the hotel to explore the area at the same time. As I roamed around the area, I started to take photos and so I thought it would be a good idea to write a post on Hong Kong in the morning.

Right after breakfast, I saw a long queue, a very long queue, it must have been around at least 8 metres long. I was very curious what they were queueing for. I traced the queue and found they were collecting free newspaper. And I went Huh! Unbelievable!


Morning of Mongkok Hong Kong 201406 - An Extremely Long Queue, Mongkok


And I continued with my exploration …


Morning of Mongkok Hong Kong 201406 - On the road at Mongkok


I walked towards Craft Coffee Roaster and stopped by for a cup of warm cappuccino. Sat for a while and took a photo from my seat.

As I was walking back, I


Morning of Mongkok Hong Kong 201406 - A View from my seat at Craft Coffee Roaster


… spotted the hotel, took a photo of the building.


Morning of Mongkok Hong Kong 201406 - Langham Place Hotel, Mongkok


Passed by a school, I saw a teacher standing at the entrance of the school to welcome the children and give opportunity for parent-teacher interaction. I have forgotten what’s school life is about till this scene.


Morning In Hong Kong 201406 - At the entrance of a school, Mongkok


The parents were bringing the students to school. Some were independent to go on their on.


Morning In Hong Kong 201406 - Outside a School, Mongkok


Saw a market …



Before crossing the road the road, to be back to the side of the hotel, saw a noodle shop stall


Morning of Monkok, Hong Kong 201406 - Noodle Shop at Mongkok


Crossed Argyle Road, saw deliciously roasted meat. It was so tempting to buy some.



On the right of the hotel, there was a spiral stairs, I was keen to climb the stairs to find out what is waiting for me at the second level.


Morning of Mongkok Hong Kong 201406 - Spiral Stairs


As I was walking towards the stairs, spotted some pretty white flowers.


Morning of Mongkok Hong Kong 201406 - White Flowers


When I reached the end of the stairs, saw a glass doors, entered and found that it was a Food Centre behind the glass doors.



Not many doors were opened for breakfast, only two were. And it was almost time to end my morning exploration and be back to the hotel to get ready for work. This is a morning of Mongkok.