Summer Palace, Beijing - Entrance

The Summer Palace in Beijing, China

Every places of interest in China is huge, so is the Summer Palace in Beijing. The place is so huge, you might have to spend at least 4 – 5 hours there to cover most of the park if not the entire day.


Summer Palace, Beijing - Signage


Within the summer palace, there are a few other places of interests.


Summer Palace, Beijing - A Bronze Qiling Ornament


These “special” places of interest, has an entrance fee.


Summer Palace, Beijing - A building


So if you are interested to explore all of them, you might want to consider getting the combined ticket which will be more value for money.




Kunming Lake seeing the temple


By the side of the Summer Palace is the Kunming Lake. You can take a boat ride and view the serene, peaceful scenic view.


Summer Palace, Beijing - A View


Every corner of the Summer Palace, you could find these intricate designs and arts.


Summer Palace, Beijing- Decor on Floor Bird


Summer Palace, Beijing - Decor on Floor Bird


Even on the ground, it is beautifully decorated with birds and flowers pictures from stones


Summer Palace, Beijing - Long Corridor


The famous long corridor (长廊), is featured in many Chinese dramas, both produced from China and Taiwan.


Summer Palace, Beijing - Temple


Foxiangge Temple is on a hill. This is one of the “special” places of interest within the Summer Palace that has an extra charge. As it was on a hill, I didn’t want to climb the extra steps, so I skipped by the attraction.


Summer Palace, Beijing -  - Another Gate


Summer Palace, Beijing -  - Gate


I walked a little further, passing by a few gates in the palace and I am a little tire so I decided to end for visit by exiting the palace via the North Ruyi Gate


Summer Palace, Beijing  - North Ruyi Gate


The Summer Palace is very scenic. It’s a pity that it is too crowded otherwise, it would have been perfect.



The Summer Palace (颐和园)

China, Beijing, Haidian, 新建宫门路19号
Tel: +86 10 6288 1144


Opening Hours


For Period 1 April to 31 October: Daily 0630 to 1800

For Period 1 November to 31 March (next year): Daily 0700 to 1700


Admission Fee:


For Period, 1 April to 31 October

Entrace Ticket for Adult: CNY 30
Combination Ticket: 60
DeHe Garden: CNY 5
Temple: CNY 10
Wenchang Hall: CNY 20
Suzhou Street and Danning Hall: CNY 10


For Period, 1 November to 31 March (next year)

Entrace Ticket for Adult: CNY 20
Combination Ticket: 50
DeHe Garden: CNY 5
Temple: CNY 10
Wenchang Hall: CNY 20
Suzhou Street and Danning Hall: CNY 10


Getting There


By Subway:

  • Line 4 – Beigongmen station (北宫门站)



Tips: You may want to bring your own lunch and drinks and maybe a picnic mat. There are a few drinks and food kiosk in the Summer Palace and a few restaurants but these are in the centre of the Palace, so when you needed that drink you may not be able to get it.