FANCL – when less is more

It is my pleasure to write about my skincare journey, likes/dislikes and perhaps some lessons learned in my friend NAHMJ’s blog.  It had been the decades when internet is not as common and we can only get skincare tips from mother, aunts, elder cousins/sisters or beauty magazines. Yes, I am at the the age when I’m constantly seek for good and effective anti-aging products to maintain vitality and glow even when I am barefaced. In this post, I’m sharing my experience on FANCL products this week.


FANCL is a Japanese cosmetic company who is famous for it’s preservatives free skin care and dietary supplementary products.  I believe in giving enough breathers and breaks to the skin for it to stay healthy and strong.  FANCL Less is More caught my attention when I read their philosophy; about keeping the first layer of skin healthy so it stays strong to protect.



Top 3 Fave FANCL Products


My top 3 fave of their star products are FANCL BC Beauty Concentrate, Tenseup Collagen Drink and Sunguard 50+ UV Protect.  



FANCL BC Beauty Concentrate


FANCL Beauty Concentrate

I was tried the FANCL BC collections (includes Lotion, Emulsions, Eye cream) and my favorite item within the collection is FANCL BC Beauty Concentrate. The texture is between emulsion and cream; it is not greasy. I do feel my face get plumped up a bit with less visible laugh lines. I also like that it can be used as eye serum since it’s so gentle to the skin.



FANCL Sunguard 50+ UV Protect

FANCL sunguard


My second favorite item is the Sunguard 50+ UV Protect. I am actually quite loyal to this sunscreen as I have been using it for more than 5 years. Back then there were not many choices for mineral based sunscreen and I never want to use chemical based sunblock on my skin. I use it mostly for body as it does easily leave white residue on your face if not apply properly. I later figured out that the sunscreen does blend well with the skin color if I use an appropriate amount (say 20 cents coins for entire face) and spread it evenly on face after skincare routine and before makeup. Note that when applying sunscreen, think about spreading jam on your morning toast, you want it to stay on the surface to protect and not to massage it deep into the skin.



FANCL TENSE UP Collagen Drink



The TENSE UP Collagen Drink is my latest favorite products. It promotes to get the skin bounce back and stay firm. I stop my powder form collagen and decided to give it a try. I like how I look in my recent photos after I diligently drink a bottle a day for consecutive 30 days. It is not easy to get balanced diet everyday so instead of spending money on coffee, I would rather invest in good collagen drink to keep beauty from inside out.



NAHMJ Verdict

These are three FANCL products I tried and like most so far.  They are gentle, preservative-free and suitable for sensitive skin.   I also like how FANCL is persistent about thirty-days supply packaging to keep products stay fresh through to the finish.  When you use products like these, you just feel great and joy.





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