ChokChai Mookata - Mookata Set 4-5

ChokChai Mookata At Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 – Singapore

I am pretty sure many enjoy Mookata since it has both the barbeque and the steamboat. ChokChai Mookata at Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 is one of which that serves this category of food. I went down with a four foodie friends to check them out. By the way, in case you are curious of the name, ChokChai means victory.


ChokChai Mookata is located at a coffeeshop at Block 334 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1. Since it is a coffeeshop, so there isn’t air-conditioned, neither are there great ambience. All you get are the usual normal tables that are seen in most coffeeshop.


ChokChai Mookata - Overview of Stall


ChokChai Mookata occupied a relatively large corner stall as compared to the other stalls operating at the same coffeeshop. It is standalone from the rest, since there isn’t any stall on either right or left.


ChokChai offers primarily Mookata. It has 2 sets for either set for 2-3 ($28) and set for 4-5 ($45). In each set, it consists of Thai Black Pepper Chicken, Thai Garlic Lean (Pork) Meat, Honey Pork Belly, Prawn, Sotong, Scallop, Pork Ball, Crab Stick, Fish Ball and Hot Dog.


ChokChai Mookata - Set for 4-5 pax, Meat


ChokChai Mookata - Set for 4-5 pax, Vegetables


And with quite some variety of greens too; Xiao Bai Chai, Cabbage, Golden Mushroom, Sweet Corn and Carrot. 2 others are Tang Hoon and Egg.


ChokChai Mookata - Thai Instant Noodles


Should diners need more ingredients, there is an ala carte menu. A few others that are not found in the set are Luncheon Meat, Dory Fish, White Clams, Cheese Tofu, Cheese Ball, Quail Egg, Beancurd Skin, Oyster Mushroom, Rice and Thai Instant Noodle.


ChokChai Mookata - Pork Lard


The most sinful but best part of Mookata is the Pork Lard. Use it as oil on the skillet to bbq the meat.


ChokChai Mookata - Closed up of the food


The highlights at ChokChai Mookata are the marinated meat using their secret recipes from Thailand. They are Thai Black Pepper Chicken, Thai Garlic Lean (Pork) Meat and Honey Pork Belly.

Generally, the meat are heavily marinated, strong in flavours. Some may also find it a little salty too. The Black Pepper Chicken is richly black pepper flavoured best for black pepper fan. Thai Garlic Lean meat was mainly salty with garlicky scent. And lastly the Honey Pork Belly which has a good ratio of fats and meat. It tasted a little like the Chinese BBQ Pork, Bak Kwa.


ChokChai Mookata - Thai Garlic Lean (Pork) Meat


ChokChai Mookata - Thai Black Pepper Chicken


ChokChai Mookata - Pork Belly


Lastly, of course the 2 special chilli sauce concocted for the dip. The red is a hot spicy chilli dip while green is the at mild spice and more sourish. This is more suited for the seafood.


ChokChai Mookata - Thai Chilli


Oh ya, and the soup is worth a mentioned too. Each soup is so flavourful filled with pork fragrance and radish sweetness.



NAHMJ Verdict


NAHMJ thought the set for food served at ChokChai Mookata was pretty delish. The marinated are stronger in flavour and a little salty. It is certainly a great way to enjoy Mookata with a group of friends and family.




ChokChai Mookata

Blk 340 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 560340
Tel: +65 9778 3942



Opening Hours


Daily  1700 to 2300


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight opp Ang Mo Kio Swimming Complex or at Teck Ghee Centre along Ang Mo Kio Ave 1   133, 136, 262



  • North South line – Ang Mo Kio station


Rating: 7.5/10