Two Bakers @ 88 Horne Road Singapore – Jalan Besar, Singapore

Two Bakers newly opened their door at 88 Horne Road. While still having their soft launched, I couldn’t wait longer to try their pretty looking pastries and cakes. Through their facebook, I know that they are opened on Monday, holiday in lieu of Hari Raya Haji and I went down with my mom for brunch. It was also the worse hazy day in 2014. What a day?!


Two Bakers - Interior


There was a little vintage theme with a featured wall of tiles that contributed to the element and some industrial element, cemented floor. The tables and chairs were some simple wooden with metal frame furniture. There are a mixture of high tables and chairs, normal dining height tables for small group and a communal table right at the back of the cafe.


Two Bakers - Soft Launched Menu


There was only a menu written on the wall for all to glance. I guess, that’s because it was a soft launched. My mom couldn’t decide what she wanted for main so I ordered on her behalf. LOL. I ordered a plain croissant for her. It was served with jam and butter.


Two Bakers - Desi Salad


I didn’t try the croissant but my mom like it. I have the Desi Salad consisting of lettuce, cherry tomato, shredded carrot, cashew nuts to give more crunch to the salad and smoked chicken. It seems like the salad dressing was some sour plum dressing. It was a simple salad yet delicious. The shortcoming of the salad was it wasn’t well tossed. Some of the salad has a lots of the salad dressing, others was none. It would be even better if the smoked chicken could be more flavourful, with a little more smokey taste.


Two Bakers - Our Order, Strawberry Shortcake, Matcha Profiterole, Croissant, Cappuccino, Iced Chocolate


I wouldn’t want to miss the cakes and pastry. They are very good. We have a Strawberry Shortcake and a Matcha Profiterole. The Matcha Profiterole was excellent. The matcha cream was well balanced, rounded creaminess. It was so good. For those, like my mom, who doesn’t like Matcha can opt for their Passionfruit Profiterole which I will try on my next visit. The Strawberry Shortcake was equally delish. It has a spongy flavourful cake layer with nice vanilla creamy enough cream sandwiched between the cakes. And not forgetting the big strawberry pieces in the cream. The coffee was good too, nutty, and milk chocolaty flavour notes.

For the sweet tooth, Two Bakers is certainly a not too be missed. It is a great cafe for cakes and pastries. Without doubt, I will return.





Two Bakers

88 Horne Road, Singapore 209083
Tel: +65 6293 0329




Opening Hours


Monday, Wednesday – Thursday 1100 to 2100; Friday – Saturday 1100 to 2300; Sunday 0900 to 1900; Closed on Tuesdays


Getting There


By Bus:

  • Opposite Pek Chuan Building along Lavender Street   13, 67, 133, 145
  • Hock Send Building along Lavender Street   13, 61, 67, 107, 133, 145, 175, 961
  • Hoa Nam Building along Jalan Besar Road   21, 23, 64, 65, 66, 67, 125, 130, 139, 147, 857



  • East West line – Lavender station
  • North-East line – Farrer Park station


Rating: 8/10